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Craig Dixon | CFO at Miniclip

Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom |

Nick Tsimpidaros | CMO at Miniclip

London, United Kingdom |

Robert Small | CEO at Miniclip

Bern und Umgebung, Schweiz |

João Ribeiro | Product Manager at Miniclip

Lisboa e Região, Portugal |

Reviews 156,902

  1. Sound looks Heroly
    Irma Moralez
    I love The Sound I amagon I am A hero
  2. If i could give 0 i would, please fix
    Julian Casamassa
    Every time i tried to play it would crash, very frustrating because i really enjoy the "Anger of Stick" series
  3. Round r4
    Stephen Lupel
    The game gets so hard so quickly, only on round 4 and there is a boss with 1000 life points and nearly 10000 power points, wtf!!!!
  4. Xzavier Smith
    It was great I loved it it's awesome
  5. Wtf!
    Tabitha Harris
    Uh slow, boring and stupid. Thats all. Thankyou.
  6. Awesome
    Jason Scott
    One of the better fighting games on play store. Would suggest you sell to app store. Your in-game experience all depends on what device you have.
  7. Instant 5*****
    Teresa Perez
    MUCH THANKZ 2 MINICLIP 4 D GREAT GAME.EZ 2PLAY TUFF 2 PUT DWN.U wnt gt enough of stickman3.And the kikazz part iz U kan earn virtual monies if U don't have Enough of your own 2 spare t the tyme...Mp
  8. What the hell??!!
    Daus GeForce
    Seriously?! I can't even goddamn open it on my phone!! Fix it before you release the updates. Don't just fix the bugs, optimise the game too.
  9. Freeze/keep moving
    Mike Cassidy
    Everytime I play my character will freeze and i cant move and keep getting killed, if that doesnt happen my character will keep running and I cant do anything. Im playing on a brand new galaxy tab 2 10.1, this should not be an issue. UNINSTALL.
  10. Exelent game very good
    Callum Shaw
    I love this game pls make anger of stick four and you can get coins by getjar gold and if it only gets 94% delete some other games then try
  11. The Best Game
    Sagid Del Rosario Salas
    Its Runs Good For My Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos It Does Not Crash And Thats Because Im Rooted So If You Dont Want To Crash You Need To Be Rooted But Its A Great Game
  12. Awsome
    Tae Stokes
    This game is good but the thing people in it that garbs you in and don't let go. If you like fighting and adventure games you should play this game. If anything the people that made this there nick names or name should be swagatron.
  13. Difficult to play
    Peiting Siew
    Its a nice game, but it's hard to earn coins, and without coins, u can't upgrade. If u dun upgrade, u cant defeat bosses. Then I will have to keep replaying stages to earn coins and while doing so, I lose lives too. That makes it boring to keep playing the same stages over and over, pls include some other ways to make earning coins easier and I'll give it a better rating.
  14. Awesome Game
    Ashwin Suresh
    This is the best action game ever. But this game is very tough to play. The upgrades are also too expensive.:-) Or I will give 5 stars.
  15. (*_*) Great I LOVE it (*_*)
    Israel Beato
    Dis was a very great game , bu't i didn't play it yet and I see the picture it is ; awesome and beautiful : DOWNLOAD it ull be happy for playing it(*_*) but i wish the weapons are at lower cost but still the best game ive ever played
  16. Update it maybe?
    Buried Alive365
    Please update it because it has a lot of bugs and glitches and if not for that it would be a 5 star, anyway great game highly recommend if you like action adventure like swordigo or something.
  17. Amazing to bad
    Jason Swayne
    This game is cool but every time I get someone new it will say I bony have it
  18. Its awesome but...
    Trenton McKee
    If you punch someone then press pause the points go up until you unpause
  19. Bugs and wish
    Muhammad Shah Walid Saberi
    There's a bug in the game that make your character stopped until you quit and also can you add something that can save your progress in the game so that if someone change or format phone can continue the progress.pls fix and add my wish.
  20. Fantastic
    Vincent Awuah
    It a very nice game, I don't know de reason why some of you are complaining, keep it up