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Andrew Heijdens | Producer at Magmic Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada |

Andrew Manley | Game Systems Developer at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Mo Agha | President & COO at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Simon Vendette | VP Games at Magmic

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  1. Not true to actual rules of game
    Tim Allen Ellmers
    The game isn't suppose to end when you use all of your cards in a phase. You must still discard a card, so you have to float until you get a card that doesn't play. Also there is no system of proper skips. You should be able to skip people twice and the player gets more skips done on them than your team mates. Fix this.
  2. Sucks
    Sara Stock
    Every time a game finishes it says not responding and closes. Didn't use to be that way. Its not fun anymore. Fix this issue or I will have to lower the rating even more.
  3. No Sound! Grrrrrrr!
    Charles Franklin
    I have been dealing with this issue for some time now. The BlackBerry I had before this was doing it, but I chalked that up to everyone thing on BlackBerry. I made a note to customer service and was responded to. I guess this is just not a big concern of theirs.
  4. WAS good but sucks now
    MJ Lindamood
    This was a fun game to play until the recent update. Now all that happens is that every round the game force closes. Also fix the skip rules. The user is automatically always skipped even when there is no strategic reason; makes the game very frustrating and unrealistic.
  5. LaTonya Bruce
    Will not download after purchased keep getting an error! Will want refund if already having problems before play ugh!
  6. Force close
    Paige Moore
    Game crashes after every game and every five freaking minutes in between. About ready to uninstall. And there aren't any goals anymore or challenges!!! Wtf?
  7. Not up to date
    Christina Cady
    It would be better if could actually connect with friends on fb and play against them mine doesn't. Let me log in with fb
  8. Ok...
    Dorothy Harris
    Its an ok game...i paid for the upgrade because it said I would be able to play live with other ppl HOWEVER that was a lie. U cannot! Dont pay for upgrade!
  9. Awesome
    raymond chambers
    I like its fun and hard at times and the people complaing that u can't float to end the hand there is no such rule in the rule book of the card game that I have that must of been a rule u made up and the rules on skips was always to were the person was supposed to have one turn to play after being skipped so again another rule u made up but anyways all around this game is a good time waster
  10. Ads? Really?
    Josh Fairchild
    I bought this app because I wanted to avoid the ads, not get even more ads! Plus, the game now lags non-stop on my HTC One. Please fix these issues already!
  11. Not happy!
    Robert Charlton
    You have time to push even more ads now. But still can't fix the crashing...
  12. Fine, but frustrating.
    Rochelle Jones
    The game is fine. Other comments say the rules aren't the real rules of phase ten, but I think that depends on house rules 'cause this is the way I've always played phase 10. Though sometimes it feels though the game is rigged. I am not a bad game player, but I'm no pro either. On this game I find myself stuck on phase 3 while the computers are on 9 and 10 while on easy. This happens the majority of the time and I often feels this was a waste of money.
  13. Good Game
    The game is fine to pass my time while I'm waiting in my truck. Please, get rid of all those advertisements. I paid for the game so I wouldn't have to deal with all that.
  14. Fix orientation and constant crashes
    Jason Martin
    The game Phase 10 is fun, this software implementation of it feels like an alpha build. It crashes every time I play. I have to force it to landscape view. The most irritating thing, nonetheless, is that the computer skips the player with the lowest score, no matter what. I was 3 phases behind and one of the AI players was on phase 10, I get constantly skipped. My score is so much lower because I don't get dealt 2-3 wilds every hand. I usually get 1 every 3 hands.
  15. Fun game
    Todd Sutherland
    This is a good version of the game. Better than the multi player version. Only problem with this version is that the startup sequence happens twice in a row. There are a few graphic ghosts on the Samsung Note, but not on the Galaxy s4.
  16. It was better before
    Erin Hodges
    They changed the app so it is harder to tell what phase everyone is on which makes it harder to know which cards to play. They've also made it more difficult to quit the game, which is irritating.
  17. Love it, but needs fix!
    Wanda Embar
    Great game, but please fix the tiny cards and lots of emptied space problem on tablets. Then it would be perfect.
  18. Little frustrating
    Lisa Porto
    Just recently this app has quit turning sideways on my phone and my tablet which makes it a little more difficult to discard the correct cards and after each game the app "unfortunately stops" and closes so I have to reopen the app. Other than that, I really like playing.
  19. Would be better if...
    Heather Bardin
    You could actually play against your friends instead of the same ole stupid computers! I wanna play against friends! I should request for my money back, playing with computers gets really old! Please fix it before I demand my money back! Not only that, but the rules are not true to the actual game if you lay cards down on a pause and run out, your "floating" not out! I figured buying the game would remove annoying ads, but nope! Someone get this game together!
  20. Wish it was like the free version
    Frank Rodolf
    While this game is not bad, the interface is rather clumsy. If you were to make this the same as the free version (except for the ads, of course) this would easily get five stars from me!


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Hello Phase 10 Fans, we have an EXCITING new update for you! Phase 10 has been rebuilt from the ground up with new graphics, levels, characters, pets, opponents and MORE! Come and enjoy the game you love with a cleaner, slicker, and more exciting gaming experience!

We are excited to bring you this new update and hope you enjoy it!! Lots more to come! Stay tuned.

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