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Joseph Werle | CTO at Littlstar

Greater New York City Area |

Tony Mugavero | CEO at Littlstar

New York, New York |

Matthew Collado | Co-Founder/Chief Content Officer at Littlstar

Greater New York City Area |

Dominic Giglio | Co-Founder / Head of Engineering - Littlstar

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  1. Don't work
    Nick Walling
    Downloaded it, made an account and everything. Videos dont even load up. Garbage app
  2. Would be amazing but...
    Ethan Woodier
    Fixed horrizontal issue with a screen rotation app but gyro still won't work (moto e)
  3. View drifts with Nexus 5 & cardboard
    Tomi Arponen
    How to calibrate? View drift is really bad...otherwise i've had no problems
  4. Help
    Joseph Crannis
    Help, won't go portrait and the gyro won't work!!!
  5. jonathan bromage
    Keeps force closes as soon as I log in.....shame as this app looks very good
  6. New update
    Karla F
    Lol now it doesn't even work at all.
  7. An interesting concept
    Vance Wild
    But it lacks performance capability. Videos load extremely slowly, whether I'm on WiFi or not. The experiences are ruined by the constant and long pauses in video loading.
  8. Worked the first time...
    Ian Mittelstaedt
    Got it about a month ago for the K3YS ASMR collaboration, worked fine. Opened again today, and it wouldn't load at all. Even uninstalling and reinstalling it didn't help.
  9. The future
    Mike De'Shazer
    Love this app. Cant wait to see more places to explore! I will be posting videos from seoul soon!!!
  10. Can't navigate
    Sam Douglas
    Just downloaded the mobile app to watch a specific video. The home screen is a video (a loud obnoxious and completely useless one as far as understanding how to use the app), there are no controls, there is essentially no way to look for videos on the app and the category section links you to one video per category with no ability to browse. Absolute bullocks, literally the least user friendly app I've ever downloaded.
  11. Don't work
    Video shows but touch feature and gyro or vr don't work. So I'm just watching videos like YouTube... Any ideas?
  12. Immersion!
    Dominic Giglio
    The first app I've seen that fully embraces 360 immersion. You are dropped directly into each video and offered all the functionality needed to fully interact with each video. From gyroscopic feedback to touch control and even a view for viewing in Google Cardboard or other low cost HMDs! This is an INCREDIBLE app!
  13. Great
    Austinbeast Hendrick
    Idk wat peoples problem is with it. It works great awsome and beautiful scenery
  14. Um amazing!!!!
    Ashley Lucas
    This is amazing. Some things are low quality but incredible.
  15. It's fun...when you can actual use it.
    Jesse Porter
    I find the app crashes every time I look at the categories of video. When I am able to get the videos working they are really cool to watch.
  16. Literally doesn't work.
    Brittany Patton
    It will only load less than a minute of the first video, then crashes. Especially if you go into the categories, the app crashes every time. Please fix.
  17. Not worked yet
    Lee Wells
    I downloaded this for the asmr 3 keys video, but every time I try to watch it the app shuts down
  18. needs some work, but is super awesome
    alex bond
    I'm getting double vision in the app in my cardboard, and I have no way to make adjustments. The concept and videos are awesome though.
  19. Ben Gondrez
    This is one of the smoothest 360 apps I've used yet! It's constantly being updated with new and useful features.
  20. Wow!!
    Jason Woodbury
    Pretty fun way to view videos. Still buggy, sometimes, freezes, crashes, but really works. You just tilt your phone around, you can see all angles of the shot!


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