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css zombie escape


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  1. Poor Coins
    Marriet Cabusog
    It is great, I really enjoy it. But I have just noticed why my coins is always coming back to its lower count. I really don't what's the problem with it. Where could I find my coins counts? Where are my coins? Gosh fix it pls. I've been playing it for almost 3 days. But my coins is only 1k plus. I can't upgrade my character. Please fix it as soon as possible. I'm really getting stupid with this game.. My coins just dissapear without spending it. .
  2. Zombie Eskape
    Katherine East
    Fun and a little over board with the music I have rated this 5 because everyone can play this game, and you may need to turn the volume down so that the little one's can't here it also the game can take forever to turn the adds off but luckily it has the x button so that you can take it off, also the game can sometimes get on your nerves and then you get the adds coming but overall it is an amazing game Xxx
  3. Wow! Superb game cooool game
    shrinivas kulkarni
    All levels are wonderfull full of enjoy best graphic and sound i loved it very much all of you download now fast best game i ever never seen coooooool game
  4. Loss of coins
    Phil Gresham
    First let me say I like the game, however even though I'm not spending coins they don't go up, or when they do in the next round they disappear, which makes it impossible to purchase upgrades, I know that I can buy coins but what the point if they keep disappearing,so either there is something wrong with the program, or your ripping people off. I hope you can fix the problem soon. Thanks Phil
  5. awe android
    Dawn Hicks
    This is the cutest running game I've played. Smooth control, great scenery. Love, Love, Love it
  6. Miss Cece
    Chandra Stenhouse
    I love this game it's crazy cool the only thing is when it's in then dark I can't see when things are coming so please brighten up them areas. Thank you Cece
  7. Cool game
    Maridy Rogers
    At first I liked it. Now I love it. For free its my top game I only wish it had more than 3 sences. A must have on my phone! I am NOT happy because it says get 250 coin continuously I have tried not killing zombies to do so not picking up any power things and I have gotten 250 coins continuously one way or another several different ways actually and it won't give me the credit for it what am I doing wrong I'm getting ready to give up on this gamIt went from a five Star Game two is too Star Game because of
  8. Hate
    priya suryavanshi
    Dis ha wen i was intalling it was k wen it finish intalling it flash off i dint gt d game nly wts wrng n dis is 3rd tyn ha
  9. Good way to pass time except for bugs
    Patrick Trosper
    It is a great game except for when I catch a shield. That is when the screen goes haywire and you can't see anything going on. If you run into a turn you die so I have to keep turning until screen clears up. Fix and I will give 5 stars.
  10. Sandi
    Sandi - Leigh Goddard
    Love this game - i am just having difficulty on how to unlock new stages, i also am not sure what they mean by a "power-up" - i have to collect 3 but i actually dont know what they mean.. would be nice if you could add descriptions to each goal you have to reach so you know how exactly it needs to be done :) but LOVE it - i am so addicted. Thank you :)
  11. Good
    raj khochare
    The actions such as swiping down, swiping up, slashing to kill the zombies and all when It comes in tutorial they says to do that earlier. So I gets confused but otherwise it is good.
  12. Sucks
    Faith Rhind
    Swipe dosent work on here only once but on my other games it works fine very bad 1 star for this game uninstalling for sure.
  13. Great game,unfortunately full of bugs
    Efigie T
    At times the achieved goals are not counted and although the "runs" are random, some things that should happen like cracked lava ground on that level, hands sticking from the ground on "woods" level, never happen, the coin and zombie count get exceptionally low,some sound effects are lost. Restarting doesn't help, I reinstalled,lost all the stats of course,but the bugs persist. Otherwise I would definitively recommend the game, graphically it's probably the best run game out there and highly entertaining!
  14. Excellent
    Palwinder Singh
    Wow ! what a game. I love it this is an awsome game .it is to good . Who so ever is reading this coment pleas instal it . You will also enjoy it
  15. Great.... But
    monise lacey
    Very fun, but collect 250 coins is a glitch because I've done it every which way and it does not count. Plus one of the goals says kill 5000 zombies? That has to be a mistake. There are an average of 15 to 18 zombies per stage. It would take a life time to kill that many . And the extra characters cost a lot of coins but don't do anything different.
  16. Where are my coins.?
    Alexis Moreland
    I like the game. But I hate the fact that the amount of coins I collect keeps changing. I've reached 5,000 or more & it drops back down to 1,000 or less without me purchasing anything. Only problem I have with the game so far.
  17. Not good
    Christopher Fox
    Cool game but u slash to kill da zombies dosent work all the time and da game gets frozzen and I have to pull the batterie out off my phone just get it back on plz fix untill then uninstalling
  18. Awesome
    Jacinta Bresich
    Absolutely love this game best zombie game ever great sound effects and amazing clever graphics thanx heaps to the creators of this game it totally rocks
  19. Bug Fixes a.s.a.p
    Kellon Steele
    I enjoy this faaaar more than Temple Run 2, but when I'm playing, I frequently experience lagging. I wanna give it 4*, but the bug is becoming increasingly problematic!!
  20. Cool game BUT......................
    Louisa Panui
    Sometimes when you swipe it either does the wrong thing or nothing at all. Alot of the time the power ups are hard to see until its too late and the left/right turns on the snow course are also hard to see. Some of the missions arent even do-able. Not to mention. I used 4000 coins to buy the "double coins after 1000m" upgrade that was fine, then I spent another 8000 coins to upgrade to "triple after 3000m", thinking I would still have my double after 1000, but no I was mistaken. RIP OFF!!!!


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