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mahjong solitaire
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  1. Audra Usher
    I wish a game would start out zoomed in so the outer tiles are lined up with the edge of the screen. I have to zoom in at the start of every game because everything is so small, but then sometimes my gesturing will slide tiles out of eyesight.
  2. J. Olafsson
    Addictive! Allows you to complete the game while trying to move up in the timec ratings. I don't play many games but love this one.
  3. Very enjoyable.
    Melissa LaLiberte
    Good game, seems to be glitch-free so far on my nextbook. Keep them coming! Would like to see more levels to open. Meanwhile, I'm off to recharge the device then max the difficulty level.
  4. Good luck
    Meryem Bedekova
    This game is so fun when your lonely and bored. As well as it bieng fun you have to match each card what ever it is similer to. Thank you for reading I hope you will like this game Спасибо.
  5. Majong solitaire
    Kathy Holborn
    Very well done game the only draw back seems to be the number of boards I would like to see future games with more I do enjoy any mahjong but this one is exclent
  6. Love this game.
    Michelle Monaghan
    Even my 4yr old daughter likes it. Just after 4 tries she got the game n actively plays against my 10yr old daughter beating her twice this morn.
  7. Very good
    Cassandra Parks
    One of the best,if not the best, mahjong games I have ever played. Just wish there were more hints to use for the entire games
  8. Awesome
    Suzie Doherty
    Great game. I like that you can choose the level difficulty, so kids can play to. Only thing that would make it better is, being able to get hints when you want. All up, its a great game
  9. So addicting
    Varaia Carcamo
    It is so fun and so simple to play. It is also so addicting and you will want to play for hours. Its great for killing your battery when you play for a while. :-)
  10. Addictive
    Mike C
    Anyone else think that Level "hard" #27 is tough? Took me a couple of weeks!
  11. Background fix
    Glenn Schillo
    A touch or long touch on background brings up toolbar and other icons. This is annoying since player can't play without being interrupted and slowed down. Even lightly touching background moves screen and pops up the tool bar. Suggest tool icon in lower left corner where the manifier is now. Decrease screen movement sensitivity alittle to stabilize screen when background is touched. Maybe another icon to opt for untimed to be able to relax and enjoy the game "in the moment". Thank you. Artfully done.
  12. Bad UX
    Frank Riezebos
    The idea is good, but the game doesn't response really well to touch and the advertisement becomes visible too early, so you click on it accidentally which is terrible.
  13. Debbie Dittmar
    Love this game but I don't think you should get docked for using the highlight. It's disappointing for people with bad eye sight you can't ever get three stars no matter how fast you are. The minute you hit highlight it goes down to two stars.
  14. Awesome mind game!
    Lisa Impoco
    So far i haven't had any trouble worth the app. I highly recommend it! It's very addictive, hard to stop playing!
  15. Great game.
    Jolie Sullivan-Sherwin
    Love it. I just wish you had more levels in each of the four sections. Possibly more layouts too. Level 27 should be level 60. So difficult to get it. I love this game. I've restarted it 5 times each on my tablet and my galaxy s4.
  16. Mahjong is the best game
    melton Aaron
    This is the real deal! I learned to play this game with real tiles.I like the challenge.Other games gave a timer and sometimes the tile pictures were confusing.This game is very clear and direct like it should be in the tile game.Thanks so much.I will enjoy playing this game.
  17. Like this
    Easy to shuffle some games will not let you shuffle unless you absolutely have no moves. Easy to see i love it I'm addicted. -)
  18. I love it
    Colleen Moore
    Only thing I can think of changing is the suffling on the hard level is don't have it. Tough, yes, but better. And I think you should get 3 stars if you make it all the way through without using the hints or shuffling. Awesome game. Makes you think
  19. Chinese solitary
    semaj wyatt
    Love this game. It is relaxing and takes your mind off the everyday stress of life. I like to play after a long day at work, on a nice ride home.
    Heidi Marquisette
    I've had to download 6 different versions of other Mahjong and this one is AWESOME!!! Not overwhelmed with ads and pop ups and its fun! Different levels to challenge each person according to their own capability!


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v1.1: Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

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