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Ivan Neeson | Director, Chief Coderammer at Kumobius

Melbourne, Australia |

Ivan Neeson | Director, Chief Coderammer

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  1. Brilliant
    Lewis Sturrock
    The perfect platformer for touch screen. The whole package, love it. Controls are precise, it has retro charm and the musics good.
  2. Great Game with one flaw!
    Angela Rodriguez
    This is a really great game, my only compliant would have to be... during the use of the game, my phone will turn off, I don't know if it's a glitch or a bug... Other than that, like I stated it's a good game and fun... Please fix the issue I am having. Thanks!
  3. Very entertaining
    alex fernandez
    Why are Indie games,movies,music, so much better ? this game is well made I recommend it.
  4. Too hard to be fun
    Heather Scheetz
    Cute game and awesome music but just too frustrating with the constant jumping
  5. A Blend of Nostalgia and Modern Day Platforming
    Daniel White
    Bean's Quest could have easily fit in with the wealth of platforming games during the Genesis and SuperNES, and even then, Bean's Quest would probably have stood towards the top of the heap. Bean's Quest distills everything 2D platformers have doing for years into a nice, charming, fun package. With a nice difficulty curve, tons of collectibles, high scores(in the form of stage par's for the number of jumps taken), and some fantastic music by flashygoodness(Tower of Heaven), Bean's Quest will keep you coming back for more with its abundance of stages: it'll take some time to complete.
  6. Although subtly racist, best game on mobile period
    Ben McNelly
    This game blew me away. The music, smooth game play and artwork were one thing... But the steadily increasing difficulty and way it eases you into learning new things you will need is way beyond what even most high end production studios offer. It's thought out well, and implemented perfectly.
  7. Amazing
    Andrea Goldson
    This game is great, amazing, wonderful, challenging, addictive and downright brilliant. And a steal at this price.
  8. Fun but...
    Adare Mahan
    The first level was awesome, but halfway through the second, the left button stuck and nothing I do seems to fix it :(
  9. Great platformer
    David Sprehn
    Try it!! Clearly the best mobile platformer to date. Old-school charm, precision and difficulty, but with perfect two-button touch controls. Does so much with so little :)
  10. Awsome
    Richard Pulido
    Amazing game and cool sound but I can see it having a level editor because the landscape and platforms are made of squares
  11. A Masterpiece
    Patrick Perrine
    This is a truly underrated gem, probably the best game I have ever played on my phone. Everything from the visuals, soundtrack, controls, and level designs have this absurd amount of polish. Difficulty is perfectly curved and there are many extra challenges to keep you playing. After nearly 2 years of owning this title I am proud to say I have fully completed it and I always will be. Please buy this game, whether you like platformers or not, the soundtrack alone is worth the purchase.
  12. How did I miss this!
    Stephen Callaghan
    ...for so long - everything about this game is good. Music, graphics, gameplay, level design and loads of levels. You'd pay $30 - $40 for this on a Nintendo.
  13. It won't open on my phone.
    Lamika Phelps
    I played this on my friend's phone and downloaded it because I really liked it. But now it won't open on my phone and I'm pretty sad. I don't know if it is just my phone or what... But if not fix the glitch please
  14. A GREAT game!
    Darrell Till
    SUCH a good game. One of the first games that grabbed me on Android and it's still good to play after all this time.
  15. Great game
    DavidandAmber Carter
    Fun game, with retro graphics and music. Far runner than many games I've downloaded
  16. Randy Stoll
    This is my #1 favorite game on any platform! I downloaded it months ago and I'm still having fun! And that music!★★★★★
  17. It was hard
    Muse .gravemind
    I completed the game in roughly 8 hours, had a hard time trying to complete certain levels. I think that it was worth it for the price, so I definitely recommend this game.
  18. Fantastic game
    Jeff Dishman
    Played this game through and through until I completed all the challenges. So much fun!
  19. Great game! Long game!
    James Handshoe
    Finally, a fun platform game that isn't over in half an hour! I love the graphics, simple, yet complex with colors, and most 2D.
  20. scott hutton
    The Best Mobile Game I've Ever Played


What`s new

- Improved performance for smoother gameplay.
- Added x86 support.