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Martin Reinfried | Software Engineer at Incredible Labs

San Francisco, California |

Reviews 998

  1. Love love love love love love love love
    Tatyana Santiago
    Is amazing vary vary nice is pritty good i like it is incredible app is amazing love it love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you make this app
  2. Rule's
    Natalie Olmo
    The game is OK it would be better if they let you accully change the rule's like do long jump's and stuff but the game is good
  3. Ok
    sarah elder
    Doesn't always work properly. Sometimes kings appear (mysteriously out of nowhere) where normal pieces are supposed to be. Sometimes player turns are lost by app, giving an extra 2-3 turns to the program/app (not referring to multiple jumps; but multiple unexplained turns). Also this app drains my cell battery very quickly. Most likely will uninstall, in search for another checkers app.
  4. Download.
    Hannah Furber
    If there were more options for different backgrounds and pieces I would give five stars, but it is a fun game,
  5. Attention Dev Team,
    Alor Christian Dela Cruz
    A bug has been found, I gave 4 stars because of good GUI. The bug is, when I or the AI reached the promotion edge or tile, the piece will become queen right, but, when I or AI already reached it, when I press undo, the piece will return to it's place but, it doesn't return into a normal piece, still a queen. Fix urgent please as soon as can be :) 5 stars later on.
  6. Thanks♥♥
    Mercedes Kurtis
    My little brother when he's not getting on my nerves can play this because he loves it
  7. KING ME!!!
    Shahrukh Shehzad
    Great app man, but make the hardest level a tad bit harder
  8. Andrew Forest
    Great app/game. I like how u can make our on rules
  9. Alright..
    Marcus Barnes
    Not that challenging for me but,its fun.
  10. Worth it if you like checkers!
    Chelsea Evans
    It does it's job of a good checkers game.
  11. Halfpint
    Betty Griffin
    I really like how fast it goes, it's nice and clean. It lets you know when your move is next and let you decide rather you want to play backwards jumping or use the flying king ect.. love it
  12. David Bunn
    fun to play challenging try it you'll like it go ahead try your luck
  13. Good
    Megan Edmonds
    Except for the ads that pop up sometimes other than that its fun and challenging
  14. Excellent game
    Antonie Smith
    Good design, nice to play, not to mention challenging if played against the system
  15. Poorly written
    Timothy Welborn
    Only supports portrait orientation and the fonts on the stats screen are too large.
  16. Challenging
    LaDeene Spiller-Lewis
    Play against the computer is fun and exciting. Love the graphics and the board
  17. Just need some.....
    Brett Reilly
    Refinements and an extra star will appear like magic, keep the flat look but more color options would be nice. Simple is best. :-)
  18. Awsom !
    Shannon Anderson
    Checkers is one of my favorite games now i can enjoy it all the time.
  19. Great!
    Bob B
    This game is very fun. My neice and nephue loved it!
  20. Su Ann
    Good app to kill time on flight!