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весёлая ферма
ферма весёлая бесплатно



Artem Pastukh | Self Employed

Maxim Taran | Programmer and Senior Programmer

Roldugin Alex | Programmer

Pavel Kostin | Head of Production

Reviews 42,363

  1. nemeriza labtis
    I am already signed in and still the progress does not appear.
  2. Good fun but black screen now
    Katie Owston
    Getting the black screen of doom! Also, is it even possible to get passed day 3 of collecting the rewards? I definitely visit daily to collect but it always seems to go back to the start after a few days
  3. Good game but tons of bugs
    Mahesh Kumar G
    Good game but lots of bugs. Pulls down the interest most of the time.
  4. Love it! Except!
    Liny Mauricio
    I have been playing this game for a good while now, and I still haven't collected my daily rewards. Can u do something about it.
  5. My wife made me play it!!!
    Armando Azada
    I used to play manly games. Now I'm hooked to this. I was playing Dragon Age and Advance Warfare, now its Jolly Days Farm!? Jolly Days Farm!! Im Hooked.
  6. Thanks
    Kenada Brown
    Thanks a lot for fixing the game.
  7. kirti jain
    Can someone plz tell me how to complete level 92... I'm trying hard to complete tht level but I'm unable to do so
  8. This is crap
    Robin S
    Three days in a row when I logged into the game it didn't have me signed in so when I clicked the X on the daily pop up so I could sign in and get it the game shows I got the daily when I didn't. 26/30, 27/30 and 28/30 I never received my coins and because of this I still can't play the game as I need to upgrade and can't. I am ready to unistall this game and tell everyone I know to never download anything from this company
  9. Thanks for fixing the black screen
    Barbara Brungart
    I've missed playing during the black screen problem . So glad it's back.
  10. Melinda Acton
    Love playing this but have only had a black screen when I've tried to play for the past 12 hours.
  11. Staring at my screen and waiting.
    Betsy moo
    Any news beyond Level 100? Plus I played Level 100 twice and it still looks like I haven't played it at all.
  12. Its awesome
    alice malfoy
    I don't know about everyone else but I love this game. I saw my cousin played this game way before I had I hand phone so when I remembered back I tried to search for it and here it is. Looks good to me, no glitches and stuff
  13. New update
    Saleena Barnes
    Since this game updated this afternoon I can no longer see the main screen it is black which makes me mad because I just purchased the 25$ gem pack to upgrade to the vip vehicles and stuff if this isn't fixed I'd really like a full refund so that I can use it on another game I'll give you 24 hours to fix this issue
  14. Very disappointed
    Tiruttama Bam
    Absolutely enjoyable game but stopped playing due to blank screen. Its disappointing. Hope it gets fixed soon. .
  15. Nice game but crashing with recent update
    Veeru Chowdary
    The recent update is crashing... Unable to open it... I am getting a black screen after opening... Nothing else...
  16. Black Screen
    Jacquiese Reed
    Please fix the black screen issue. Once that is fixed I will change my rating because I truly enjoy the game.
  17. Donja Small
    Used to love it, but the last update leaves me with a black screen. Completely unable to play.
  18. Black screen
    Sean Bassett
    Like others just getting black screen after latest update... Can click in corners and open up iap screen, and achievements
  19. Jade Tonks
    Hasn't worked since most recent update when it loads it's just a black screen
  20. Natasja Smith
    Love the game, thank you for working on the problem of the black screen


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