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nyan cat wallpaper


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  1. Cooler than the cool side of the pillow!
    Alex Farr
    I am seriously pleased with this app, I will definitely purchase the full paid version and will recommend it to friends. :-D
  2. Very nice, very smooth.
    James Walker
    I love this wallpaper, my only gripe is that it is hard to see the pictures scene when the pixels wobble so much, so it would be nice to either have a setting for the pixel wobbling or a setting for the pixel size, as the greater resolution might compensate for the wobbling.
  3. Brilliant
    Chris Holton
    I don't pay for many apps but this is well worth the money, its amazing and makes me smile each time I check my phone :-)
  4. Pat Sarcilla
    Wonderful live wallpaper, especially the fact that you developers allow sneak peeks at the other pictures. That's very nice of you. :D
  5. I need full version
    J Deka
    I love it. But cann't buy full version. How can I buy this! Plz help, I have SBI mestro debit card.
  6. Seems cool, but why does it show App icons?
    Steve Norton
    I like this live wallpaper, but for some reason it shows my app icons. I already updated my settings to a specific folder for pictures. Also it would be nice to be able to set a custom background image so I could have my normal static wallpaper with the live pixels floating on it. Finally, please include the ability to scale large images down to "pixel compatible" size.
  7. Omg
    Skye White
    This app is brilliant it makes my apps apear like subway surfers and that! :-o
    Fred Wilson
    I luvz did app, 1 of the best I've seen :p
  9. Sonic girls
    Amy rose the fabulous
    It doesn't work it makes me want to use my own wall paper
  10. Eh do better
    Misty Burdette
    I think maybe u should make it where we could use r pictures from are gallery and have the pixels floating around it or make the pixles turn in to one of the pictures from gallery SRSLY I don't like the moon one :( I give 3 stars
  11. Pamela Briscoe
    Absolutely love this app. It is a refreshing change. I got bored with my falling leaves one. This one will surprise you.
  12. Im Concerned
    Mackenzie Gurley
    Why Does It Keep On Sayin Meow 4 times ?! At least change it to sum other design sayin that ! Who made this app , CATS AND KITTENS !?!?! DO BETTER !
  13. It's really cool, but...
    Gustavo Nejaime Reis
    Really cool animation I really awesome, but the thing is. That it takes the away the battery super quick. But I like the wallpaper.
  14. Brilliant. Just too good to be free.
    Julian Davies
    This app is so good I can't describe it. I'd just like to ask would it be okay if we had a preview of all the pictures without making it a wallpaper? That way we can preview what it looks like and you can keep gaining money.
  15. Great use of live wallpaper sdk
    George Ramirez
    I have to say this Live wall paper is so sweet. I really can't and see how far thos can be pushed
  16. Actually pretty cool
    Tyler Wintringham
    No ridiculous needed permissions. I like using text and app icons. Wish the free version let you use pictures from the gallery. And if you could, make it possible to shorten the scene duration even more. 50% is the shortest and I'd like it to change faster.
  17. Great
    Ana Walton
    Love it.. I have no complaints. :):o):o):o)
  18. Very nice
    kurt azzopardi
    Really good app for a free version. Love it
  19. Really cool!
    Marie S.
    I only use three of the five scenes that come with the free version. 'App icon', & 'text' scenes suck, imo. Still, this wallpaper is pretty neat. Nicely done!
  20. Amazing
    Raed Darweesh
    I cannot believe it ! Wow !


What`s new

- Fixed looping in Water scene
- Fixed graphical problems that occurred on some devices

- Added new Pictures scene. Pixels will form into your own pictures. Set the pictures folder in settings. Works best with small pictures, especially pixel art.
- When only one scene is set, it will loop continuously instead of restarting periodically.
- Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred in Fireworks scene.