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  1. Waited an hour for this
    Gabriel Totherow
    After an hour to download I went through 30 minutes of dialogue just to make one decision and after that it said I need to purchase something to continue. That is total bs, the walking dead season 1 game had more decisions in one episode than this game and it was faster to download
  2. Comparing this to the premium version
    Leanna Abdel
    I have a few questions, as I haven't purchased any of the stories yet and I just found out that there is a premium version. 1. I'm confused as to what the premium version has that this version does not have. Does it include the three common routes plus all the characters routes or do I still need to buy them separately (basically, what exactly will I be getting if I buy the premium version)? 2.Also, I hear a lot of talk about there being stories on one version that are not included on the premium, if so will they be added? 3. There is no transfer data right? So if I delete the premium version all my money would have gone to waste and if I want to re install it I'd have to pay all over again? 4. How does the game differ from the anime? Is there a lot more love scenes with individual characters or other stories that were not mentioned in the anime? If any one could help, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  3. Love the game but...
    Abbalina Koray
    I am unsure if I want to pay that much for premium since I have the ps3 version, I can't seem to find anything that tells the difference of the tablet version compared to the psp/ps3 version. So any info that may help me decide would be appreciated thanks.
  4. Really loved it!
    Angellea Lampa
    Anime brought me here. sadly i don't have money to purchase the premium. Only the prologue is the free one
  5. If only I had known abt Premium version
    Jac caj
    I bought this in December, and I felt that the common routes were expensive but worth the price because they are pretty lengthy and took me quite some time to complete. The artwork is great and I love the voice acting. But i only found out yesterday that Gloczus has released a premium version that includes all the characters at one price. Felt a bit cheated because I already purchased 3 common routes and 1 character route, and I wish they had informed Hakuouki fans earlier.
  6. What I've been waiting for!
    Sheri Grumbling
    Been waiting for the famous games to come out. When will Starry Sky or Uta no Prince Sama be translated?? You know by now that there's demand for these, right??
  7. LOVE IT
    Inupewds AnimeOtaku
    I REALLY love this game by its just that I can't purchase the chapters and only the prologue is free....
  8. Can't play.
    wira lim
    After the idea factory splash screen, I can't even do anything. Lollipop(5.02) z3 compact
  9. Awesome
    Susanne de vera
    Was just curious how the gameplay is on a phone/tablet so I decided to try it out. But I guess its the same with the PS vita version. It just kinda sucks that the prologue is quite short. Maybe hard to tell since I didn't buy the whole version for the tablet/phone. I love the psvita version more though coz the character u end up with at the end depends on ur choices. (Not unless i am mistaken since i didnt play the whole game on tablet/phone version. I just didnt want to spend another $30 for it lol)But other than that, i Love the game and the Anime all together.!!
  10. Samsung s4 mini
    Risa Guiness
    Great game! Could you add English dubs too so you can choose between Japanese and English? I personally like the English voices <3
  11. My favorite otome
    Natasha Partington
    I'm so happy this game was turned into an app
  12. Free would be better
    Makayla Lawrence
    Its got a good story going and its really cute but the chapters shouldn't cost anything. I can't even continue the story without spending all my money on a GAME, like really? The only thing that should cost money is an extended ending or to unlock certain characters just like any other game. I'd give it a five but I can't since I don't know the rest of the story.
  13. Er
    Denise Hood
    How come the 3ds version is cheaper? It's the same game and I had it before my 3ds was stolen. Why is it so expensive? It's a story yes but you're not actually able to play a game... So why spend so much money on a story? Manga is cheaper in that sense. Just saying. Nothing against the developers because its a great idea...but should be a bit cheaper...
  14. You have to pay.......
    Charleen Wang
    I absolutely love the art and especially the voices! It's a good quality visual novel, I just wish it wasn't so expensive :( I'm just replaying the prologue because I don't have the money to buy it... :'(
  15. NOT FREE !?
    Iray Millan
    I got really into it but then when i finished the prologue it said i had to pay to continue *whimpers* Not kewl man , not kewl !
  16. Absolutely adore this game!
    Anastasia St
    I have watched all the anime adaptations and the two movies. God it's good. Love it. Hope they make more of simular games for android soon! ♡
  17. Great Job
    Janika Downer
    This is a great game. Love the story,and I think the art is way better than the anime.
  18. In love! ♡
    Tilly Xiong
    One day I will get premium then play. Ughh it hurts my heart that I can't play. Such a beautiful game. But I don't have money.
  19. Courttani Skurok
    Feel like there should be a way to earn points to unlock different chapters. $2.99 per chapter after chapter 1 seems a little excessive. Seems like more people would continue the story if it was only .99. I know I would but 30$ for full version is a little much for me right now.
  20. Interesting Game Not So Helpful Company
    I wanted a refund as after I bought the route, it prompted me buy again. Also couldn't save the game. Late reply, no refund or help.


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