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Stefan Wikstrand | Group CFO at G5 Entertainment AB

Stockholm, Sverige |

Vlad Suglobov | Co-Founder and CEO at G5 Entertainment AB

San Francisco Bay Area |

Alik Tabunov | Co-founder and COO at G5 Entertainment AB

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Sergey Shults | Co-founder and General Producer at G5 Entertainment AB

Москва, Россия |

Reviews 119,063

  1. Love the game
    April Shinkle
    But I've played this game for a year when the new updates came out my tablet wouldn't let me update got a new tablet had to start all over I am so disappointed in the new updates the scenes are so light and the items are so small and stacked on top of each other so hard to find seems the frost grows way faster than before the crystal ball doesn't work won't light up the items even when you're right on it and it goes anywhere it wants still a decent game will keep playing
  2. Like but sick of not getting stuff
    Jaimee Hadaway
    I really like this game, but I'm getting really sick of not getting any of the "pieces" I need 2 combine the collections! It's giving me items but it'll keep giving me the same few items that I don't even need @ all instead of @least giving me items 2 complete the collections! It's VERY annoying! U should definitely figure out a way 2 do something about it.
  3. The game makers just want your money
    Donna Jermyn
    Game starts off with a reasonable premise but then you get ridiculous anomalies which you are expected to purchase a fix for. Total rip off guys!
  4. ellen frisbie
    In night mode the "flashlight beam" jerks and disappears. Also in the frozen mode it does not matter if you "melt" the frozen spots to stop them from speading, they still spread and speeds up the freezing. You spend your time trying to melt the frozen instead of finding the objects. It also is annoying when you need a number of objects, fish for the Island, you find all objects then told you don't get anything. If you need a number of items to play a particular scene then you should get something for finding everytbing. Mainly I enjog the game. It is hard to play it on a phone because the scenes are small and some items are small. I like playing it on m th tablet better. Fix the little problems and I will give it 5 stars.
  5. Great game but...
    Samantha Fairless
    The game itself is fantastic. Those complaining that the items are hidden beyond the screen borders or are too small probably haven't realized you can zoom in on mobile devices with the pinch-zoom technique. The story line is interesting, if drawn out, but serves its purpose of providing a nice air of mystery. The graphics are also quite pretty to boot. The updates are often very glitchy or just unwanted altogether. That being said, the developers seem to actually listen to the feedback which is very nice.
  6. Love Hate relationship
    Denise Lewis
    I absolutely love playing this game, it is challenging and you must be quick and have a good memory. Great for your brain. I like that G5 will link you to others playing the game, to help you get some of the items you need. I look forward to further enhancements in this area. Reason for the low score the last 2 updates don't work. I am not able to open 3 of the towns that I have access to. These areas just spin trying to load. Tech department doesn't have a fix and I have enough memory to support the game. G5 needs to really test their updates before they push them. The previous update locked me out of the game for 5 months. Get me access to all of the areas I've earned and your rating will go up.
  7. It's a bit tricky but great!
    Kaylea Mae
    It's a bit difficult to use the flashlight in night mood cause it jumps randomly, and the ice in frozen mode regenerates a bit too fast for my liking but it's manageable if you're fast enough. Also the crystal ball that is supposed to highlight objects when you hover over them doesn't really work. Still I'm continuing to play it as its fun.
  8. I loved this game til yesterday!
    Chrissie Wilton
    I've been addicted to this game and been playing every opportunity I get. I've almost completed the summer challenge leaving the island scene with 3 games to play in order to collect as many fish as I can (as I'm assuming any left over will be converted to required items for the next challenge). Yesterday, with 8 days left for the fish challenge, the circus popped up, all my fish were converted to icecreams, and now I have no way to finish the summer challenge because none of the scenes are giving fish anymore. Not only that none of the scenes are giving icecreams either! The jellyfish thingie describing the challenge is still on my board but won't open and there is nothing explaining the circus challenge. All I have is the Marquee scene which will only have a limited play if I can't get anymore icecreams! After spending so much time playing this game I am now considering deleting it.....very disappointed!! G5, please fix this then I would give this game 5 stars
    Nicole Royster
    This Summer update has been the worst update of ANY game I've played. I used to love this game, but now it doesn't even play properly. Most of my scenes are unplayable because of the ongoing "downloading", the objects have gotten smaller (as if they weren't small enough), I can't post anything to my Twitter to get the free stamps, the whole game constantly staggers which is very irritating, and I've NEVER been able to get any gifts from friends. This Summer update has ruined a very good game. Please, Fix?!
  10. Better now
    Teresa White
    Game keeps messing up.when starting it shakes and then close s. And closes. Please fix this game I have spent money. And will not open. It shakes and then closes, I'm mad. I would like the money back that I spent. I cannot access the game and I still have cards and $ left. Nasty
  11. Letters From Nowhere
    Sherrel Arredondo
    Hidden object game with awesome graphics, great story line, amazing twists & turns. Different degrees of difficulty allowing one to work at their own pace. Reasonable payouts, surprise puzzles to help with winning prizes and work up to higher levels. Love the game.
  12. Love it but...
    Shannon Stultz
    Since the update the app takes several touches to move at all and when in challenges acts as if my selections are wrong even when touching correct item.
  13. Beautiful, but Volume is obsured and its so hard to play without paying too much
    Jill Kingsley
    Game has beautiful graphics. Volume is attached to the ringer volume, so as loud or as quiet as your ringer-- should be attached to the media volume. If you go on the options & change the volume it resets to ringer every time you enter or leave a scene. "Energy" scale is very small. Play only 6/12 hrs unless you buy more "energy." Also you must turn up the brightness setting to enjoy it --zaps the battery in no time flat. Nexus 6 Lollipop 5.1
  14. Kirsten Beckett
    Was enjoying the the speedy energy recharge...but since the newest update I am having issues with tapping on items and the game not removing them...sometimes I lose time tapping on them as it won't accept it! Very frustrating....please fix this.
  15. Van Dinh
    I have just update game. It is really wonderful, but I disappointed again because I can not play. This is the 3rd time I come back in the beginning. I do not want to do again. Pls fix it.
  16. Love the game but....
    Claire Bolton
    I had got so far on this game then got a new phone and can't seem to load my old game so got to start again
  17. Great game
    Shanti Gettys
    The game is great. The only problem I have is the Crystal ball not working, but I rarely use it. Haven't had any problems with upgrades.
  18. Objects are to well hidden.
    Tuesday Lobert
    I have played other hidden objects games and never had as much difficulty finding the hidden objects as I have had with this one. You definitely need friends to help you with energy, etc. Very challenging game.
  19. Kymberly Hollander
    Just started playing. Really like it so far. Items are very small, wish they were bigger. I already feel my eyes being strained.
  20. Love. Just Love!
    LaLa Fuentes
    I've only been playing for an hour & I love it!! I love the hidden object games that tell a story & go on forever. There's always a twist & a new turn that makes you want to keep playing.


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