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abyss the wraiths of eden
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boat games free
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дивный сад 2 полная версия бесплатно
квесты на русском
квесты на русском бесплатно
поиск предметов полная версия бесплатно на русском языке
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Stefan Wikstrand | Group CFO at G5 Entertainment AB

Stockholm, Sverige |

Vlad Suglobov | Co-Founder and CEO at G5 Entertainment AB

San Francisco Bay Area |

Alik Tabunov | Co-founder and COO at G5 Entertainment AB

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Sergey Shults | Co-founder and General Producer at G5 Entertainment AB

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Reviews 120,978

  1. Dont waste your time!
    Tracy Ellen
    I.downloaded this and played for a very short time before the game asks you to unlock the actual game with $4.99!!!! So unless you feel like spending money for a game that only lets you go about ten minutes into it.... save the space for an actual game!
  2. Looks cool
    Rudy Lopez
    I bought nightmares of the of deep I like these games but can't & don't want to buy them all takes up to much space on phone never home & don't have nothing else to play on but phone and I always break my phones so I pay my lady to play on her some times. But I got got new phone now LG,G2.
  3. Great
    Renee Comeau
    Great game! A bit hard sometimes. Would rather not have to go back and forth into rooms and out of them for new things to appear. Would prefer to have me look all around at one time to find things
  4. Wtf
    Kate Marie
    I never buy games ever but I started to play this one and liked it I was stupid enough to spend the 4.99 on the game. Its done its over I just freaking bought it!! I feel completely ripped off!
  5. Disapointing
    Diane Thomas
    As per usual with G5 games they give you a exciting little teaser to bet you I interested then bam there's the proverbial "unlock full game' and I'm not paying £2.99 for a short game. Come on G5 get a grip. I'm not using again unless you charge less.
  6. Its worth paying for
    Hajung Yoo
    If you're trying to get a high quality game for free, youre being unfair. Products cost money. This game gives you a fair demo so you can try it before you buy it. The full game was interesting and puzzling to the end: a good mix of point and click, puzzles, and hidden object. The storyline got a lottle convoluted at the end and I wouldnt have minded it being longer, but overall a great, high quality game.
  7. Emma James
    It would have received 4 - 5 stars if I could purchase the rest of the game but the purchase link isn't valid.
  8. It was good
    Amber Justice
    The graphics were great, story not to bad, the only reason for not giving all 5 stars was the way the clues were given and how you ran around. For me with this type of game I find there is some what of a reason behind each room and clue leading to the next. In this one while there were a lot of things to solve and find I found myself using the hint button a lot just to figure out which direction I should be going. this could just be me though so I'd definitely recommend trying it.
  9. Its ok
    Jay Duff
    Liked the puzzles but got through them quickly. Didn't know I was going to have to purchase the rest of the game after a few stages.
  10. Fantastic game
    James Domorod, Jr.
    I enjoyed playing this. Be ready to shell out $4.99 if you want the full game. I wish it was harder to use the hints. I feel like I cheated my way through half of the game.
  11. Ripoff
    Vago Drachenwulf
    I enjoyed what I played, a lot. Unfortunately, I can't in good conscience rate it higher, because just as the game was getting really good, I was asked to pay $4.99 to unlock the full game. Maybe if I had it to spare I would buy it, but really, for a game that won't provide lasting long term enjoyment, I can't justify the cost.
  12. jodie crowley
    Too short. Not worth the money. No map, or strategy guide not very impressed.
  13. Great game
    Heather Clark
    I loved the way it pulled you in. It felt like I was on the CURSED ship
  14. Ondine
    Barbara Redner
    It seems to be an average g5game. I am an easy player so I need lots of hints. These are alright. So far I have been able to use them with out any problems. The story line is developing so it seems to be an average game.
  15. Beckey Greenslade
    Another great g5 game! I missed not having a map though! Had to use hint a lot more without map! Hurry and make more games please
  16. Bbbaaaadddd
    Hrid Gsusj
    It's such a stupid thing to pay for the full version .it's a good game but l will remove it unless you make it % 100 free
  17. Rebecca Webb
    Wow I can't believe I just wasted my data to play for 30 minutes then not be able to play without buying the nect levels
  18. Great long adventure game
    Daniel Bor
    Not just a series of puzzles but a decent story too. Well worth the money, given how long the adventure takes to solve. And if you get stuck, you can readily get a hint.
  19. Great game
    Ted Hayes
    One of the best G5 games I have seen runs very smooth the display is just super so fare the game itself is very very good story line I have not bought it but will see when the free part is done. You will not be disappointed give it a try your love it
  20. Fun
    Kimberly Brewer
    Has lots of brain teasers and puzzles u have to work ur way through. This game is one i could play for hours and not get bored. Although it sucks u should only get to play a portion b4 u have to buy to continue. It should be free inmy opinion. No matter how much i like a game im not going to throw money away on it when there are other things i need to spend my money on.


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