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Stefan Wikstrand | Group CFO at G5 Entertainment AB

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Vlad Suglobov | Co-Founder and CEO at G5 Entertainment AB

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Alik Tabunov | Co-founder and COO at G5 Entertainment AB

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Sergey Shults | Co-founder and General Producer at G5 Entertainment AB

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Reviews 2,001

  1. Dark Arcana Carnival
    Robin Terry
    I loved it when I bought it last year! Wanted to play again this week, it would not open. I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, wrote a complaint no one responded. I now have had to pay for this game $4.99 twice, not fair!!!
  2. 1st played on 12/27/13 & L❤VED IT, just played again & I still think it's 1 of their best!!
    Jessie Butter
    G5 has done it again! Great game, great puzzles, HO were perfect in amount & in difficulty... mini games were fabulous, plus it was a fantastic story. I highly recommend this 1! I had fun for hours on end! My only complaint is that it's been 15 months since I played the 1st time & still no sequel! C'mon G5, u've GOTTA continue this one!
  3. Too short and easy
    Amber Waite
    Was entertain for a few hours. While the scenes are very nice the game is way too short and easy. The story line is thin. I have played better G5 games. Maybe this is good for an afternoon.
  4. Javier Plaza
    I had a real great time! A bit short but a real art piece! Thanks, iulia
    Zoe Ackerman
    It was so fun its a really good I like that you save Jim and then Jim goes in the past and saves Alice from going to die
  6. Mostly good
    Emily Crimmins
    Great graphics and storyline. Wish the map was interactive and the mirror world map didn't work at all as far as telling you where you were and where action was available. Good length and no technical issues otherwise. Nice bonus adventure.
  7. This game
    McKenzie Odom
    I loved this game. I had a little difficulty getting to start up at first but it's storyline is amazing and it' s puzzles were just tricky enough. Also I kind of just love the monkey. :)
  8. Excellent
    R Darin
    Really one to play. Story line, graphics, and keeps you wondering what's next. Plays great on my Samsung Galaxy pro tablet 12.2.
  9. Mindy Tockman
    I enjoyed the game but it was pretty easy.
  10. One of my favorite so far
    Carissa Skuse
    I adore the g5 games. I've bought 6or 7of them in the last week or two
  11. Carey McClain
    Good time. The puzzles were a little easy but otherwise fun
  12. Fun game, I really enjoyed it
    Paulette Greenslet
    Many puzzles to play, I really liked the monkey
  13. Christopher Blankenship
    Amazing smooth graphics and brilliant story line
  14. Carnival
    Xssy Sanchez
    Loved the game it was great ,
  15. I'm a fan
    Amy Sorrell
    I love games by Artifex mundi a lot. I enjoyed this one but I must say, after the Enigmatis games I did expect a bit more. I was a bit disappointed that it was so short and did not have anywhere near as many puzzles nor achievements either. Also, there were none of those cut scenes that make me jump a little like Enigmatis. All in all however, I don't regret my purchase and I will play it again eventually. Thanks Gray Eminence! ;)
  16. Jenn R
    Fun game! If you like challenging adventure HO games I'd recommend playing on expert mode. It isn't too hard but still entertaining.
  17. So Unhappy...
    Torya Cothron
    Let me just say this, I really enjoy playing hidden object games by G5 Entertainment and have purchased a game from them in the past before. Recently, I tried the demo to this game and really enjoyed it, so I decided to purchase the full game. Unfortunately, I am having trouble skipping the main cutscene and typing my name in at the beginning of the game. I keep tapping the screen several times for something to happen, but its completely unresponsive. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game several times, but it doesn't seem to help. I contacted the support team twice by email and I haven't received any response in over a week. I am very unhappy, if there's any way I can get a refund or if someone can help me, that would be great. UPDATE: 10/18/13 The game works fine now on my Nexus 7 thanks!
  18. Perfect adventure-puzzle game
    C. Hok
    Beautiful game. Many hours of gameplay with a main-game and 2 bonusgames, achievements and 3 difficult-levels to play this game. Excellent mini-puzzles and replayable hide-and-seek puzzles. Well done. Works perfectly on my Asus-tablet.
  19. Fun!
    Cassandra Blondin
    This game was pretty cool. It didn't have any glitches or errors that I could see, it didn't force close like other games, and the story was really interesting and kept me interested until the end :) I would love to see a sequel to this! I gave it 4 stars cause it was a little short, but other than that it was a great game! One of my favorites for sure!
  20. Great game!
    Susan Brodeur
    I enjoy playing G5 games. Solving puzzles is my favorite part although I really enjoy the hidden objects as well. I agree with othets though it is too pricy for such a short game. Awesome graphics and game play. Nice story line.


What`s new

New improvements have been made to one of the most popular hidden object games! Come face-to-face with evil in this heart-pounding adventure! 
- Game crash fixed
- Minor improvements
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