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  1. Lame!
    Albner Scott
    Give m me a break. Just like soccer only with field goals. Not challenging or very fun. You don't get to play rugby, just kick field goals. Boring stick with golf.
  2. Simple, but fun
    Shawn Hannan
    I was initially disappointed by the simplicity of this game, but after playing for a while have decided it's an enjoyable diversion. Simple, but fun.
  3. Keeps crashing
    Jaesen Jones
    Was once good, but now constantly crashes on Galaxy S5. Useless.
  4. Pigskin Flicking Fun
    Roger Diotte
    Runs so smooth, fast to launch so I can boot the pig!
  5. Awesome title!
    Mario Artiga
    Great game, easy to pick up and the controls are intuitive, looks nice too! Unfortunately, rugby isn't popular in the US so when I was introduced to it by some college buds I instantly fell in love with the game (and even understand it better then American football, i'm not usually a sports kind of guy). This app is wonderful, stop testing this long review and get it now if you so desire
  6. Romania
    Giorgian Taut
    Love the game. Did you knew that Romania is one of the few teams that participated in all Rugby World Championships? Maybe you can add them as well in your roster. Thank you
  7. Boring and Crashes
    Steph Maule
    Just a kicking game, not real rugby. To make things worse, the game keeps crashing while I kick for touch.
  8. Henk Wasserman
    Great graphics. Nice to choose which mode I want to play when I want to. Levels are not too easy nor too difficult to complete. Could do with one or two more modes.
  9. Ok
    Glenn Lind
    Was working up to today. Now flicking ball as I've been doing for months and the ball only rolls. Flick golf still works. WTH.
  10. One of three flick games that are amazingly fun
    patrick detwiler
    This is a awesome game no Buggs, pop UPS don't bother you or get in the way at all two min of the free one than I there down my debit card and bought the fill version... I will show this game to every person I know. It's all the better HD screen no better way than to spend your 30 min break at lol have fun every body lol
  11. Great Fun!
    Ross Garland
    Simple but very addictive. A great game for when you have a few minutes to kill.
  12. One of the best flick games
    Anirudh Badia
    Graphics are very good. I will recommend this as one of the best flick games out there.
  13. Steven Catterall
    It would be a really good game if it didn't always close and crash for no reason
  14. Best rugby game ever
    Ciaran Callaghan
    Possibly even the best phone game love it and can't stop playing it
  15. Great time waster....
    Jan Nansel
    I do wish more could be done with the true rugby aspect of the game, i.e. ball movement, tackling and strategy. This is juat about kicking. It is a great time waster
  16. Great simple game
    Frank Migliaccio
    Great time killer. Quickly addictive and easy to pick up.
  17. Very addictive.
    David Lucas
    Did realize I sat and played 2 hours straight.
  18. Shut down
    Robert Gardner
    When I go on the game I play for 1 muinite and it says its stopped working please fix it
  19. Decent Rugby App
    Pete Carr
    Good fun! Far too many wendyball apps, so great to have something rugby orientated :)
  20. Good one
    Amar Kulkarni
    GR8 way to pass an hour..... Neat graphics, gameplay modes, difficulty levels with increasing wind speeds..... 4 stars since theres always scope for improvement....


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