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  1. Really..
    Ronnel Rigonan
    Its sad that one of my favorite games on my old motorola atrix is now unusable on my new galaxy note 2 because of how slow it runs and the lag issues.
  2. At first I doubted it.
    Adam Murphy
    But I was wrong! I read the comments and saw people complaining about the frame rate and lag etc. But once I downloaded it for myself, it works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S3! Totally worth $1.
  3. H
    Alex Pribble
    Keep on getting "license check error" every time I open the game. Would give a higher rating if this was fixed.
  4. Incredible
    Joe Rilla
    I don't think I've ever been so enraged I burst out laughing. Great fun that's as much a challenge to put down as it is to beat. For 99 cents, there is no game I would recommend more
  5. Kyran Vardy
    Boss this game, been playing it since i was in highschool 4 years ago and im still not tired of it! Would deffo recomend it like
  6. Impossible game really impossible on Galaxy S2
    Markus Braun
    The distances are different on the Galaxy S2 compared to the Nexus S, thus you need to change your timing.... that suxx. Moreover the XBox lvl (second one) is literally impossible. The first jump over 4 triangles can't be done.
  7. Well...
    Rylee Wolford
    Every time I open this game, it tells me to stop my music or play without sound. Thing is... I'm not playing ANY music or sounds. All of my music apps are closed. What the heck, man?
  8. Nice game
    Da Drumma
    After playing Geometry Dash for a while, I decided to take a look at this game. It has simple yet polished graphics, smooth gameplay, and cool music. If you're looking for a fun, challenging game with a small price, give this one a try.
  9. It's a good game but it lags and glitches
    Timmy Faris
    Sometimes the music lags and it jumps when you don't want it to besides that this game is amazing
  10. Horrible
    Laura Pravic
    This game is too easy i beat it within a week and is boring bad music no customization lots of lag if you want a game thats really cool search Geometry Dash it has more levels customizable characters and lots more its only $2 and its a lot more fun
  11. Great game but...
    Austin Stephens
    Everytime I try to open it, it says that it detects music and won't let me play the game with music, if this is fixes I'd give this game 10 stars
    Denzel Javellana
    Really good game! It takes time in getting used to but its still AWESOME!! 5/5 HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE
  13. Fun and addicting but lag on new phones.
    James Neale
    Fun game with cool music but lags on newer phones like the HTC one when it shouldn't lag at all. Please fix!!!
  14. Very fun, but there is one huge problem
    Joshua Hatton
    I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S4 to play this game and for some reason, just about every time I play it, the game lags really badly. Other times it pays great. Every time it lags I'm forced to exit the game, go to my settings and force stop the game. Only then will it stop lagging. As soon as they fix this problem, I'll give the game a five star rating.
  15. Amazing
    James Vincett
    One of my favourite games I have ever played. There needs to bd more that four levels though. Took me months to complete (still in the process) little tiny bit laggy at points but apart from that great game.
  16. Catchy
    Rick Deras
    The game is a great time passing thing, but the music is so intense at the drop. Love it
  17. Its good.
    Elliott Pew
    I really like this game. I own it on steam I also own the level pack on android but this lag issue is so frustrating. Since you have to restart from the beginning if you fail the lag spikes make this game terrible. They happen often where the cube will just slow down or jolt up when I jump. Please fix. No issues on the PC version.
  18. Lag makes impossible truly that.
    Robert Corrie
    I was awesome at this on PC because it actually jumps when you press space, not 2 seconds after. When I tap the screen, it waits, the jumps, making it unplayable. Wasted a buck, you got $100,000 for making it, now effing fix it.
  19. Abandoned.
    Sub Ripper
    Last update was 3 years ago. You made a great concept but went nowhere with it, opening the door for geometry dash. If you had kept this updated, it could have given GD some competition... But you didn't. RIP one of the most famous mobile games ever.
  20. Practice Mode Problem
    Jordan Zaviiox
    **PLEASE FIX** I love this game and I think it is great the only problem is that after a while in practice mode the level will automatically delete all my flags and force me to restart from the beginning again. This is very annoying when I get right to the end. Please fix this and I will give it 5 stars!!


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