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Lianwu Pan | CEO at Feelingtouch Inc./FT Games

中国 浙江 杭州 |

haric zhu | Co-Founder & VP at Feelingtouch Inc.

中国 北京市区 |

Huaiwen (Vic) Zhang | Feelingtouch Inc. - Overseas Operation

中国 浙江 杭州 |

Feng Yimin | PM at Feelingtouch Inc.

中国 浙江 杭州 |

Reviews 221,639

  1. Jon Roberts
    Make it so you can link the game to your google acct I had everything unlocked and upgraded including inf ammo no reload armor piercing rounds lost it all cuz you cant link the game
  2. Jayson Quiambao
    Great game. I hope make some apps to collect mre gold
  3. Well done
    Robert Dusek
    Great time killer for a fps zombie shooting game
  4. Slot
    Herwanto Timothy
    Spent so many G on slot. The best so far only 20G lol. Lets say 0.00001 % to get better than 20G. Removed
  5. Easy play
    atar lwim
    U play this game very easy nice game
  6. I had to restart
    Emanuel Rhodes
    I got a new phone same email address but I had to restart all the other games I have let me start where I left off but I had to start all the way from lvl 1
  7. Easy to move up
    brian orris
    It was pretty easy to get better without having to pay for it
  8. YEAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
    Rayn Stahl
    I am a badass sniper headshots everywhere baby yeah!!!!!
  9. Not to shabby.
    Johnathan Lavinder
    Good for taking a load off for a few. Patience is the key to moving forward. If you have O.C.D. like me, this won't be an issue. You have to plan carefully and buy ammo for your guns. You will run out if you don't pay attention and have to buy more in the middle of the game before you can reload. All in all it's ok.
  10. One little thing
    Matthew Godwin
    I love this game! Its so addicting and I love the rewards. One thing I DO NOT like is when you customize your guns it still looks original while playing. I will give it 5 stars when you fix that
  11. Another Pay 2 Win Game
    Initially the game is a fun little time waster, but quickly the difficulty ramps up in a effort to get you to pay real money for upgrades. Not to mention that the upgrade prices are absurdly high and the money/gold rewards are insanely low. Don't waste your time(or money) on this game.
  12. Love this game!
    Michael Parmenter
    I love this game the game play is amazing an auto aim and all the weapons are awesome! Cool when you unlock the mercenaries
  13. Touch screen not responsive
    stephen mccord
    Whenever I try to aim the camera keeps shifting the side, sometimes I cannot even move my gun. Tried this on 3 devices same thing.
  14. Superb Time Killer.
    Chris Cunningham
    Some missions are difficult but if you love killing zombies & love a challenge then this is the game for you. It can keep you gripped for hour's maybe longer.
  15. Almost finish kill 50 boses
    azli shahril
    60% near to kill all 50 boses,gudbye zombies coz I shoot u with big gun aax..aax very powerful with no reload,infinity bullet n piercing bullet..what I have to with 8million money that I have?coz i was get all that powerfull gun n very easy to kill the 50 boses,today 26.2.15 i've kill all the who's next?
  16. GOOD
    Rampson Appiah
    This is an interesting zombie shooting game.. But try and release zombie frontier 3 and make it in such a way that it can be registered and play on a new phone with all your weapons and at the level that you left.
  17. Carl Sands
    Games difficulty is high but its good for those who love a challenge..without actually spending real money its difficult and time consuming to earn gold and beat bosses/pass levels. Otherwise its a good way to waste time.
  18. Ravindra
    ravindra kumar sharma
    I unlocked last auto aimo gun, infinite piercing bullet no reload and last remaining infinite bullet. I unlocked cash in game not in real money. I am playing last six months. Now killing to zombies is very easy with aimo gun.boss killing mission now is very easy.
  19. Missing money and gold
    What the heck every time I launch this game i don't have any bullets i load my gun and the next time i launch the app bullets go missing. I'll only change the rating when this problem is solved. Until then hopeless app.
  20. My opinion on this game.
    Jesus Mondragon
    So far so good fun exiciting zombie shooting And mowing down action going for those headshots,if you like fun exicting, adrenaline pumping trigger happy zombie killing then this game is the game for you..


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