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Lianwu Pan | CEO at Feelingtouch Inc./FT Games

中国 浙江 杭州 |

haric zhu | Co-Founder & VP at Feelingtouch Inc.

中国 北京市区 |

Huaiwen (Vic) Zhang | Feelingtouch Inc. - Overseas Operation

中国 浙江 杭州 |

Feng Yimin | PM at Feelingtouch Inc.

中国 浙江 杭州 |

Reviews 4,475

  1. Don't force sell
    Amit Sood
    Bro don't force sell the game just put a price directly. All good until last update where u can only farm gold coins 5 times a day. Not a good marketing idea. Un installing the game.
  2. Problem
    Kristian Bice
    I really like the game but when i enter the first boss fight the whole screen is bright pink and the whole game laga.i have tryed reseting it several times but it dosent work.please fix.if fixed will rate 5 stars.
  3. RobertZ Elliott
    Was a good game but since the update now you only get 5 chances a day to get coins??? W.T.F??? Uninstalling.
  4. Alberto Madeira, Jr
    I would have given it a 5 if not for constant glitches while during game play
  5. Freezes
    Noah Ling
    The game is great and a lot of fun but it freezes allllll the time. That needs to be fixed. The farther you get in the game the more it freezes and I have the HTC m8 from Verizon 4glte
  6. Is good
    Phillip Conolly
    Its a very nice game no real problems with it I would like it if the controls where facing the same as the direction you shooting otherwise I am happy with it.
  7. Sucks done install it
    Jared Jay
    This game suck now now they got it to were u have to buy coins the last time i had this game u could get coin on the coin missions now they got it to were u have to buy coin i know u have to make money on it but dam thats to far were u have to buy it it not as fun as it was befor so i give it a 1 star it sucks now do a nother update other then that f this game
  8. Donte Beverley
    More cash for kills or board completions
  9. Fun
    Anderson Otuafi
    Hard to save enough money but it's a fun one
  10. Cheats
    Jason Buerger
    Can't pass the first boss. The first gun maxed and as soon as I get close the game acts up so I moved to a better gun and maxed it up and again as soon as I start kicking its butt the game acts up. What do I mean, I mean I won't be able to shot or the movement is way off. It started out cool but the game seems to cheat so screw it. Have a nice f!!!!! Day
  11. Lots of problems and annoying to play
    Elmer Lee
    Lots of lag. Raid is the only thing keeping this game not impossible. Your quit the game button doesn't work sometimes. Have to Max the gun to kill the boss. There is no other way. Money should be a lot easier to get. Really slow to gain. Even the surveys give very little gold for a lot of work and time. As soon as you reach region 2, the game is officially fair. Region 1 is almost impossible. This game will always be better than ZOMBIE EVIL. Region 2 level 19, dogs glitch inside the turret and can't die.
  12. Zombie storm
    Steven Gillibrand
    Ther graficks are verey cartoonristick it is a verey dicktive game if you like games like that I reakermend it
  13. gameplay zombie storm
    dave robson
    good game,wish cud fire when aiming like in zombie evil
  14. Timothy Harrison
    Like the game but when you go to see the adds and get the free gems are gold some times it dont give you them sometimes it dos but most of the time it a big hassel it seems they just want you to pay money it like a bait and switch
  15. Fun but...
    Bailey Kelly
    Can't finish level 20 region 2 everything lags from all the dogs and then they glich behind you and you can't hit them. (please fix)
  16. Just another crappy money grabber...
    Παναγιώτης Πατρινός
    Controls are bad, weapon upgrades add nothing new, just firepower, nothing new after area 1, even the boss is the same in all areas. Good for a couple of minutes but wouldn't spend any money on it...
  17. Must read before download
    craig coles
    Game is good but the seem to have a problem with the in app purchases and by that I mean they have taking your money down but getting you items is were they fall horrible short it has happened to me in two of there games
  18. Zombie storm
    cleto quibal
    Can be better if gun is easier tow control
  19. Pretty Fun Game
    Doug Char
    Nice game so far, been able to keep up without spending money.
  20. Cool zed game
    The Lor
    This game rocks... a little slow but all good


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