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Jack Tarling | Producer at Shudder Films

United Kingdom |

Owen Shiflett | VP, Development for SundanceNow Doc Club at AMC Networks

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Keelin Elkind | Video Ops Manager

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Reviews 7,414

  1. Amazing for Hardcore Horror Fans!
    Amanda McCullough
    Thank you to whoever made this app. This is what I wish Netflix provided in terms of horror content. I wish only one thing we're added and that would be closed captioning. Incredible service. Great content.
  2. Can't Watch Anything
    T.C. Vulpes
    No matter what I select to watch there's an error and I'm unable to watch anything on my tablet.
  3. So Disappointed!
    Jennifer Moslek
    The concept was awesome & I was so excited to get the app, however, once I had it I wasn't very excited anymore! I could hardly log-in, had to request a password change several times as my login info wouldn't be recognized by the site...The handful of times that I could actually login successfully, the site would either crash OR the movie I would select wouldn't play! I felt more frustrated than happy with the site & finally decided to cancel my membership! I don't think I've ever been so disappointed...
  4. Won't load anything!
    Joshua Melendez
    I was really excited about this, and even signed in on Facebook for my free 7 days. But it won't load a single movie, not even the trailers. And every time I try to exit to restart the app it freezes my phone. I'm very disappointed with this app and will rate 5 stars when the issue is fixed.
  5. Pretty good, could use more features
    Michael Perez
    I have a galaxy s6 edge. So far, I have not had any connection problems. I did notice that the service activates the download booster, which is awesome in my opinion. Although I have unlimited data, so be weary of that if you don't. I love the way movies are sorted. You can browse by genre, by creature, they have theme specific collections. chromcast support would be nice, and while you are watching shudder tv, I think there should be an info button for what you're watching.
  6. Sean Townsend
    Big potential for curated movie collections. Who doesn't spend endless time trawling through Netflix not knowing what's good or bad and just wasting time and getting a bit frustrated? Well Shudder potentially solves that by focusing on a genre (horror, obv.) and curating collections of movies that offer something interesting to the viewer. Generally you're not gonna get too many duds, you might not like the movie, but it would have been selected for good reason (ok, there are a few stinkers). Even this early in, the selection is mostly excellent, including well-known classics and highly acclaimed obscura. The app needs Chromecast support but on the whole this is an encouraging start. Priced sensibly too.
  7. No chromecast support
    matt cress
    If this gets chromecast support it would be a 5. But there is now no way for me to watch on my tv. Who wants to watch this in a browser or on a phone. Very dumb move to not have chromecast support.
  8. A must for horror lovers
    Craig Curry
    Its come a long way in a short time. A lot of the early problems are for the most part gone. My only issue is lack of watchlist
  9. Shudder
    Sherry Booker
    I subcribed to this & it doesn't even work so how do i get my money back. The app has been crashing since i downloaded it over 4 hours ago what the hell
  10. "Account not found"?
    Melissa Mannina
    I signed up yesterday with FB. Today, I tried to login it but it says I'm already logged in- for half a second. Then it tells me to join and pay $4.99! What happened to the 7 day trial? I logged out then back in, same thing. Uninstalled, same. Please fix.
  11. Was ok
    Til i tried to log in after 3 days using my FB and now it says some crap about account sub not found and i gotta pay $4.99
  12. Loved the app but...
    Janarra Miller
    Pretty good movie selection I just hate that they offer a free trial and only give you one day instead of your 7. Still need to work out the kinks.
  13. Please fix!
    Rachel Gordon
    Haven't even had this for 3 days and I signed up for the 14 day free trial through my Facebook and now when I try and log in it says "account not found" and then wants me to pay 4.99 wtf? I should have 11 more days left to watch movies for free!!!
  14. Melissa Overby
    Shudder is still in BETA, people. They're working out the bugs slowly but surely. They just released the apps, so nothing is going to be perfect yet. Stick with it! It's already shaping up to be a really awesome service for horror fans.
  15. Janet Liciaga
    Why make me download the App if the app sucks! Been loading for days. You better not charge me for a full month and\or give free viewing for this issue since its been happening since day one.
  16. Refund please
    Reign Von Barren
    I more than understand that this is a beta, but I don't want to give out money, even if it is on $5.00 for something that doesn't work. It won't let me view ANY films.
  17. Its still not working
    Brandi Gesch
    I signed up weeks ago and I was finally able to download the app but it just shows the logo and wont do anything else. I tried watching on the browser from my phone and tablet but it keeps taking me back to the app. I know its still buggy but this is getting frustrating!
  18. Jason Krol
    Very slick app for an awesome new service. I'm loving Shudder and its unique collection of horror films! This app is great because it makes finding stuff to watch quick and easy and it just works!
  19. Maria Labarre
    YES, you can stream this to Chromecast. Download the app, right here in the app store, it's free. The name of the app is, Play to Chromecast. It also works with Roku or any of those streaming things. I use it all the time.
  20. Can't get to work (HTC m8)
    Thomas Barragan
    The actual app won't work on my phone, but Shudder works fine on my computer's browser. It's a great service. Hopefully the issues will be fixed soon.


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