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  1. Great but..
    Henry Harliman
    Man this game is 20% play and 80% loading. It's 2D sprites, how can you make it always load, i won't mind if it gets bigger in my memory card just make it faster
  2. Feels like a time-warp
    Mathias Hofer
    Really love this concept, allowing me to relive old memories :-) never mind the loading times, yes they are there, but come on guys, they are not that bad
  3. Still the best RPG Game in Device platform
    Biyan Ardana
    This game is like a heaven for hardcore FF Fans. The characters and BGM brings all the good memories. Thank you for the new update, now it doesnt freeze anymore. The new update also shown the HP of the enemy, thank you very much for that. Love it
  4. Must Play For FF Fans
    Jackson A. Cubbage
    Fun little time waster that has an amazing story. Would give it five stars, but it is online only, requires a lot of (small) downloads, and a LOT of load screens, but those are just minor annoyances.
  5. 5 stars if...
    The Gustas
    This game is such wow, but there are some issues with the loading. I think we more time wait for loading than playing. Fix that.
  6. Aggravating
    Joshua Soucier
    I spent 80 dollars and used 50 in game mithrils to get only two 5 star crappy helmets i dont care for durring there lame soul breaker event. They make it way too difficult to get the gear you need to excel in the game, even when you spend real money to try and make it possible.
  7. Final fantasy
    Jim Saucedo
    Nice mash up of final fantasy series. Little heavy on gem requirements but not bad, where's the story line though? Like a lot of other games nice story through tutorial bit dies off after that. What gives?
  8. Amazing
    Nicholas Zaris
    Its a Final Fantasy game what more are u looking for? Its trully amazing but alas it isn't the greatest nor is it perfect. Firstly and foremosly why the hell does it need a constant Internet connection this really ruins the game as I can't play it whenever.....only when I have internet. Lastly when u get passes all the lagg the game is merely average.
  9. S. Lars Araque
    As a huge fan of FF I wanted to give it 5 stars, but game is terribly slow. Battles are ok and smooth-ish (my mobile is a bit old), but menus are impossible. Everything needs to be loaded (from server I guess), and in my case it always takes several seconds since I touch the screen until the click event is processed, for every button! It ruins the whole experience :(
  10. Pocket Sized Nostalgia
    Ian Anderson
    While light on it's own storyline post tutorial, Record Keeper excels at bringing vignettes of the Final Fantasy series to players dungeon by dungeon in trademark 2D style. As a long time fan of this franchise, getting to play through 2D interpretations of FF games after VII was a big draw for me. The animations are well tuned for bosses and characters alike, and there are plenty of challenges from frequent updates. This is a menu intensive game, so you may want to check your phone's graphical settings.
  11. Great!
    Jeff Bolin
    I love this game. The gameplay can't be beat, and the continuous updating continues to draw me in. The only problem with it lies in the poor drop rate of soul break gear. An improvement in that, or a decrease in the cost to get them, would make it even better.
  12. Nostalgia
    Jared Dutton
    It is great for the nostalgia factor, but lacks in event timing. They're constantly rolling limited time only events out, but also have a daily dungeon, and core quest line. All of this comes off the same energy bar. So, if you want to keep up with it all you either play 24 hours a day, or dump money in.
  13. Love it but...
    Courtney McDowell
    Galaxy Tab 4: not the newest device out there, but not exactly old either. This game runs slow as molasses through the menus, and as another review stated I have to press the buttons until I hear the button press sound. Please fix this!! I otherwise love this game!! I should also add that I play other graphics-intensive games on here (such as Sentinels of the Multiverse) with almost no issue.
  14. Fun game for the nostalgic players out there
    Andrew Smith
    The game is an excellent recap of all the Final Fantasy from recent all the way to the beginning. If you are looking for a great timewaster, you need not look any further. Update: New features are helpful but overall I feel like I'm losing interest in the game it would nice to see some more story progression by now. Maybe wrap up rescuing one the records or something.
  15. Brings you back
    Lee Goolsby
    Cute Final Fantasy gameplay, epic fights that bring back memories of playing the full games, and collectibles to find... Yup. It's a good game!
  16. Amazing Flash Backs
    Zack Harwood
    Final Fantasy Record Keeper does a outstanding job recapping all previous games and giving you the opportunity to make your dream team with characters from all the games with the battle style from games like 7. Its like an orgasm of memories.
  17. Sweet
    David Randall
    Awesome! You should definitely try this game! Only thing I didn't care for was that you need a good connection to play at "any time". I mean it's a single player as far as I could tell so why other then data or updates. Shouldn't be much data but guess there is still great game tho!
  18. Fun game, slow, horrible freeuim economy, waste of real money
    Nick Miller
    Believe it or not I like this game, it is simple and has a decent amount to do. The battles are not mundane after awhile and so is the battling. The speed of the game is rather slow so don't expect much there. My biggest issue is what you get for spending real money. Any other game you get something for it. Here you get a CHANCE at something nice but chances are you won't get anything of value.
  19. It could be even better if!
    Cody Stromsness
    I if possible would rare it higher if it had my two favorite swords ultimate blade and sun crest I don't mean the sword sun blade wich is already in this game.I mean the sun crest from ff12 wich is one of the coolest swords in the entire series and does more damage then then sun blade.Also sun crest is a 2 handed wepon. also increase the time that increase the chance of getting a 5 star item from relic draw. I mean really most people are not up at the time that increase the chance of getting the 5 star relic especially if it's summer break or for thoes of us who have woke early or work late and can't help but sleep in so please increase the time or make the time of getting 5 star relics be frequent throughout the day and decrease the time of the 5 star relics!!!!!
  20. Loved it
    Adam Stacy
    Just started so can't say I get the in's and out's quite yet but it's a great throwback with a whole new spin. This FF fan is satisfied.


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