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its me 247
pudding pop mobile


Monthly active users estimation: 150,000


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Reviews 91,703

  1. New levels, missing keys, stealing gems
    Betsy Filbert
    Every time i get to a new set of levels it hides my keys and then when it finally says i only need one key, it charges me 9 gems for one key when it should only be 3! This has happened multiple times. I'm on level 790 and waited for the one key i need today a and after 18 hours it still didn't show up but the time restarted and now showing i need 3 keys. Get it together! !!!!!
  2. Whatever
    Nickie Downing
    I used to like this game but each time I try and play it its always the same thing.... the pudding pops are looking for a pathway to the next stage. I've read the other reviews. Im not as far as some of the others so why is this happening to me?
  3. Game won't work.
    Audrey Glodt
    Just got to level 685 and the level starts then freezes. Just flashes any time you try to pop the pudding. Gggrrr.
  4. jackie Smith
    I am stuck on level 311 I have cleared the challenge but it won't let me advance to the next level. Also before I moved to this level I to buy a key .it said I had 17 hrs till next free key got down to 8 hrs and started over at 17 did this 3 times. Instill can't add friends .please help I love this game
  5. This game cheats!!!
    Ronald Brand
    My wife and I enjoy playing this game, but are stuck on level 323. We have seen multiple times where a lollipop does not score, or the mold does not change when it should have. This has caused us much frustration, and makes it apparent that the game cheats!!! We also see puddings magically change color, leading one to believe that this game is rigged. I would not recommend this game.....
  6. Fun Game!!
    Tamra Hayes
    Love playing this game!! Had problems for awhile after one of the updates but everything is great now. It may seem like it's easy and more of a game for kids, but it does get more challenging the higher up you get. Right now them spiders weaving their webs are driving me crazy!!!
  7. Eirycahh King
    Great game but level 921 isn't out yet! So addicted need more levels!
  8. Pudding pop
    Karen Mallon
    Love this game but now thinking of uninstalling it as since last update can't get my gifts from friends and they are not getting mine don't tell me to delete than re instill as I have done a million times all ready plz fix than I will give you 5**** which the game deserves also yes I'm on f/b too will update if this new update of p/ p works and let's me send / get gifts I don't think so some how
  9. New levels won't open
    Kristi Maggard
    I have finished level 680. I opened the game for the first time in a week this morning, and I still have the same issue.
  10. Pudding Pop
    Carla Mason
    Am I the only person who plays by mobile version that's on level 920 and have been waiting for a month for new levels to be added? I check everyday, and get the coming soon banner. With over a million players, a person would think that these would be updated by now.
  11. After last update black background
    Gunita Rauba
    Very addictive game was.. I reached playing offline level 425 or higher, but now it after update has black background, and glowing star, but does not allow to play, nor see level
  12. Love the game.. but.......
    Brandy Jo Watlack
    Waiting for new eposides takes to long. Again after the last update I'm not able to send or receive message from my friends. I'm so ready to delete this game. Which says a lot cuz I love this game it was the best out of all the match 3 games I have ever had.. please fix this..
  13. No Requst
    Kenny Johnstone
    Love the game but the problem I'm having is when I ask the a key to unlock levels I'm not getting any request.I email the support a week ago and I haven't heard from anybody yet.Why am I not getting any request?
  14. Doesn't work as listed
    Tim D
    Cannot get the help items sent to me in app. Will be notified of them via notifications, but get intomapp nothing. Ghosts do not freeze when you pop next to them, heads don't disappear when you pop next to them. Emailed (2 times) support for help with these issues over 3 weeks and no response.
  15. Brenda Greis
    I downloaded this for the third time. Now I got to level 40 and now it just sticks on loading. I'm tired of reinstalling this all the time when it doesn't work right. Frozen again at level 40.
  16. Pudding Pop
    Gail Dorward
    if your a lover of Jelly Splash then you will love this game too
  17. Horrible UI
    Lots of fun until you get to the next level. The timer keeps resetting. Shows 1 diamond for instant level up but then charges you more. Going to remove.
  18. re:new update fixed the problem
    destry etzler
    thank you for the new update. seems to work fine now.
  19. Annette Ruiz
    This game doesn't give me anything from my friends and when u try to contact them they don't respond.
  20. Brenda Berger
    This game won't let me receive or give my game requests. It doesn't show what level my friends are on either


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