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  1. updating UI
    Kyle Arndt
    when I went to launch the game it said updating UI... was so SLOW... took me 5 minutes to hit 2,000 out of 16,000... didnt even bother to wait for it to load..
  2. Very fun time-killer
    Jamie Williams
    Enjoyable game. My only problem with this game; it is so costly! And so much of the game is limited to paying. To acceas the whole map, it costs around $50 CAD. I would have bought 10 inventory slots if they coat half of what they do cost. However, its not really worth it to buy one.
  3. Add some more fun
    Jericho DeGuzman
    Ok this is is a good are very good graphic is good its really good but the its boring thats why some players quit even me I suggest that you add world chats yes(WORLD CHAT) to spice up the game I might give you 5 star if you do that
  4. Love Tibia
    Ashley A
    I've played Tibia for over 10 years and was thrilled when I finally had a smartphone smart enough to play ME. I notice little errors here and there (spelling mostly) but nothing that affects the gameplay even slightly. It's awesome! :) Love all the quests and storyline. Doing the tasks for free platinum works every time, no fuss. Very fun little time killer for mobile and love that I can play from my laptop too. Kudos, CIPSOFT. Keep it up!
  5. Incredible, worth the price.
    Kevin Rodriguez
    This game is an incredible mmorpg. Right from the beginning I found myself lost into playing the game. So far in lower levels i haven't found the need to purchase things with real money, but i feel this would change as soon as i get into higher levels. This is not a problem though; some of the features you have to pay for seem worth it's cost. The only flaw i came across is the game crashing randomly, but i would always be able to log back in extremely fast. 9/10
  6. Pretty cool
    James Carter
    I would like to see a projectile style class. Or maybe just anything other than a warrior and wizard.
  7. Nice game
    Demus MH
    I'd play it for long time, i like it. How 'bout free platinum island like aurea, can i have it? Haha
  8. Great game but...
    Gabriel Melillo
    The game is really fun to play but there is a really bad crashing issue. In the middle of my gameplay my game seems to crash randomly and unexpectedly so I never know when it will... I got the game once then deleted it because of this issue. I came back to see if it was fixed but it still isn't.
  9. Samsung 3
    Samer Chahbar
    Much better after update i give you 5 stars. Thanks and UPDATED: Worked after update i can play.. thanks for fix.
  10. Come on
    gunawan denny
    Really I have to buy a map??? This is bullshit. what kind of game that make the player pays for the maps??? When it comes to pay for equipment or items I will tolerate it but the maps, really?? Wow how money maniac you guys... I really enjoy this game but if you making things like this.... this is just another shitty game after all
  11. Great except free play is a rip...
    Jonathan Theimer
    Love the game. Definitely going. good to keep me busy and the stories are amusing and entertaining. Downside is there's no story for free players to follow. The main line basically walks you into that you must pay to pass and continue like normally intended or prepare to fight bears for the rest of the game to level up. It's good they added sponsor play or gain platinum but that seems like a form of strong-arming the player... That aside though I'm not effected (anymore... ) was still sorely disappointed.
  12. Great game but
    Trevor Pitout
    This game brings back alot of memories please fix the crashing its really annoying
  13. Great game
    Rawkn Rawkn
    Fun Factor:3.5 stars. The play is slightly slow, and I'd like to see a world chat. But it's still a 5 star game. The way the chat is implemented is great. Its easy to read on my phone unlike many games. Also bonus stars for being able to play in both normal and landscape mode, and for not having a cluttered screen. So many games these days cram as many buttons and as much junk on screen as they can fit and you can't tell what in he'll is going on. TibiaMe has a very clean and easy to use interface.
  14. Five stars if..
    Marco Magdy
    I will give five stars and continue playing the game if you fixed the free platinum in the game. There is very small number of offers. and they should make more platinum to encourage us. And please fix the sudden crash.
  15. Error?
    Rezza Mamba
    I've been playing the tibia in a long time, why every week to update the UI? What is this error or what? Please respond. Thank you
  16. Great game
    Richard Luxford
    Played Tibia for over 10 years, was excited to be able to play Tibiame once I got a smart phone. Few issues iv noticed is you need a decent connection (cell/wifi) or you will keep getting a loading screen well it tries to load the map, some offers for the free platinum don't work. Besides that it is an awesome mmo that you can play on a phone or tablet, Cipsoft keep up the good work!
  17. ☆☆☆☆
    Hendrian Fajar
    I Played This game since 2012.. Everything is just great until the Auto hunters Showed up !!! My hunting ground got doomed !! Get rid of them !! Then this game would be The best MMORPG ever made
  18. **LaAaAaAaGgGgG**
    Mayra M
    Its Fun When Its Not Lagging & Crashing Every 5mins Or So. I'm Starting To Think They Purposely Make It Crash When I'm In The Middle Of A Battle Just So I'll Die & Have To Buy The Life Insurance Thing. Good Way To Make Money For Them.
  19. - Lukas
    After updating my android everything works perfectly, except for SponsorPay, the videos still disappear for a few hours... I just watch like 15-18 videos and bam they're gone.
  20. I keep losing the connection to the server!
    It looks like a fun game, but I can't play it!


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