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Stas Zakharov | Head of F2P Department at Alawar Entertainment

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Reviews 807

  1. Absorbing enough
    nigel owen
    If a little one dimensional. Presents enough maths challenges, combined with need for speed, to eat up a few of your hours. The levels seem a bit random at times and the filler / minigames are pointless. How about replacing these with more depth to the main game? Minor quibbles tho to an otherwise good game.
  2. Asus Nexus 7
    alexander blubb
    Jedesmal wenn ich diese APP neu öffnen möchte, wird der steuerbare Bereich am Bildschirm völlig abgeschnitten und ein kleiner Bereich links unten ca 5x3cm ist nur noch vorhanden. Bitte endlich beheben, Problem besteht ja schon länger.
  3. Needs update!
    Stephanie Levine
    Aside from the fact that it doesnt save the game if interrupted, the scoring system sucks... After the first 10 levels its impossible to get an expert score bc its an unrealistic amount of time given to succeed. And now i find myself stuck on level 23 with no way to beat it... I have tried everything and it is impossible...was having fun until that level and i would have given 5 stars but now im tempted to uninstall if there is no update soon! Please fix these gliches!
  4. Needs updating
    Sean Greenhalgh
    Bought this game a few days ago and it seriously needs to be optimised....freezing and stutter, quite annnoying! Other than that it is a good game.
  5. Constantly force closes
    Naomi Almond
    I love this game as its very addictive, but its so annoying how it constantly force closes halfway through a level which means that I have to start all over again. It's such a shame, please fix this.
  6. .great game
    Kristina Koshel-Patil
    Really good one. I wish they would make more levels
  7. Play a lot
    Shelly Buchta
    Great time waster. Just wish there were more levels.
  8. Rubbish
    Emma Crook
    Flickers... Cuts you off half way and had to reinstall other than that great (y)
  9. Doesnt work
    Jade Kennedy
    Wont even open so I can start playing
  10. Delete
    Michael Clor
    I can't destroy any buildings because the button is off the screen. I played the computer version so I know what is there.
  11. No updates
    Sidney Boriwondo
    Great game but it needs updates. Will rate 5 only after you update with new episodes
  12. Mediocre
    Nathan Conigrave
    Fuzzy graphics, switching back into app from another task can lead to fun graphical glitches
  13. Galaxy s3
    Elena Makridi
    I personally love this game but it crashes every time phone goes into stand by mode. I then have to force stop the app and try again. Extremely annoying.
  14. Nexus 4
    kevin pinkney
    The screen doesn't fit correctly. Part of the display is off screen.
  15. Absorbing
    coco coberry
    Trying to get another game like this one x
  16. Laurel Gardiner
    Won't open after call... Lost all progress.
  17. Having the same flicking
    chris ramsey
    I like the game just sucks with the flickering
  18. App sucks
    Jesse Brecht
    I paid money for this app and it won't even fit on my screen right
  19. Love
    amy crabtree
    Had this game for awhile and I still love it!