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Farhad Shakiba | Co-Founder, Brainium Studios LLC

Portland, Oregon Area |

Saul Villatoro | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Luke James Healy | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Jonathan Rodgers | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Reviews 38,718

  1. Good
    Nathaniel Stewart
    I like the achievements feature, and being able to change the background theme to your own personal picture if you want. The only two things I don't like are not that big of a deal. 1) Once you put a card down at the ace stack, you can't play it back on the board. And 2) It doesn't say game over if you run out of moves. Though, you can figure it out by pressing on the 'Hint' feature, and if no hint is available then.. There's your sign.
  2. Steven Elliott
    If you like freecell on windows you'll like this. Works well on Samsung S3 and Tab S. Autoplay sometimes makes a stupid move but it's no problem to undo it. Would be nice to have multi screen option.
  3. still a great time killer! It locks up a lot lately, that's why I degraded my rating from 5 stars to 3.
    Lyle Brownrigg
    Still a Favorite game! :-) Yep. Better now. Still a great time killer.
  4. Great challenge for me
    Kate Frank
    This is my first time playing free cell. I had gotten bored with other games and can't tolerate the stupid ones. This one keeps me thinking. I like it.
  5. Nexus 6 & Samsung S6
    David Wesley
    Unfortunately, the creators have begun pushing manipulative political ads posing as "surveys". This is so low, it makes playing the game disgusting!
  6. Works great for me
    David Ayotte
    One touch auto move is nice. I am free cell frequent player and I like this one as well as any others. It asks me to play other games from time to time but not annoying.
  7. Love it, but the sounds...
    Aneta Riddick
    Please, Brainium, could you make the sounds of moving cards and winning chime more even? Or make it possible to turn off the chime or choose sounds? Card moving is very nice sound, but too quiet... sound of victory on the contrary is shockingly loud! This is the sole thing that diminishes my joy of playing your solitaires. The loud chime is specially unpleasant during playing in bed in the night. But when I mute sounds, I loose also the card moving sound...
  8. Freecell
    John Redfield
    When one plays a fun Solitare game more than a few times, one plays against themselves. The goals are to better one's time and number of moves. With adult-sized hands, the Auto Complete option is obscured. How cruel. Have you considered renaming the game,"Tap, Tap, Replay - Tap, Tap, New Game, inappropriate Ad? That is more applicable.
  9. Lovely rendition of a classic
    Selvin Chin-Chance
    Easy to play on an ACER Iconia with Android 4.4 running Intel Atom CPU. Touch screen slightly sluggish but that is a minor issue. Highly recommended if you want a thinking man's (woman's) game.
  10. Awesome!
    Pasomi Mucha
    Could you add a prompt asking whether one wants to discard the current game? After playing 300 games, I mistakenly hit "New game" while aiming at "Replay", my streak went from 300 to 0 and the stats now said I'd lost a game! Otherwise, it's excellent: smooth moves, sharp images, reasonable difficulty levels, very addictive! I've tried out other Freecell games and nothing beats Brainium, nothing.
  11. Very enjoyable.
    Colin Sandy
    A very good game of solitaire which can get you addicted. Since you are in essence playing against yourself it would be nice if it kept track of your best/least number of moves and not just your best time. Still a lot of fun.
  12. Great App
    Ralph Darnell
    This Branium app is typical of this developer, nice presentation of well-liked games. I would pay a reasonable price for losing the ads, but they are not too much problem, popping up intermittently between games.
  13. Enjoy the game
    James Knight
    I love free cell. And this vesion is fun and I enjoy the achievements to obtain.
  14. Free cell
    Karen Kaiser
    This is just like the one on my computer. I can play this on my galaxy while watching the TV in my favorite lounge chair. Love it!
  15. Love it!!!!
    Michelle Chiaramonte
    I don't know why anyone wouldn't like this version of freecell. I have been a fan of this game for years and played many versions. You have the option of auto play or manual. You can restart or un-do as many moves as you want. I couldn't ask for more.
  16. Good game
    Jeff Cook
    I forgot how much fun this game is, and this is a good version. Not troubled at all with the adverts. Well done!
  17. Card player
    Keith Rexroat
    Excellent in all areas except one! You cannot draw off the aces one they are put up! It was always my impression that was legal!
  18. Great time killer
    Jon Zimmerman
    For some reason this game doesn't get boring while you are waiting for whatever.
  19. Freecell
    Kathy Peterson
    Awesome. I have enjoyed playing this game. I like the strategy and challenges of winning.
  20. Great mechanics
    Wayne Hygema II
    Good gameplay, smooth without feeling cluttered. Great app.


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