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Hannibal Soares | Founder | CEO at BoomBit

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Marcin Olejarz | Cofounder Aidem Media

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Jefferson Celebertti | Doer, Dreamer, Maker, Mistaker & Entrepreneur.

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  1. Nice game
    balagi iyer
    Its quite good but it gets can make it more exciting by adding new obstacles for higher floors.........
  2. The best
    Darrell Avery
    I have had complaints about this game,gems are easy to get i have been playing almost two weeks now and only have two more birds to save up for, highly recommended
  3. Just a little problem...
    Kate JC
    I love this game, it's awesome. Just a little problem, it some time turns a little buggy... please fix this then it will be a perfect game.
  4. Good game
    Eric Willis
    Running Samsung Galaxy Note 2 every time I try to watch videos for coins the video cuts out and I never get my coins... Also videos do not work for resurrection either... good game, just sick of being at a disadvantage as this happens in all your games and several others and I have no adblock apps installed on my phone...
  5. U need to get this game!!
    Maris Goode
    There is no lag. No glitches. And there's nothing wrong with the game. The only thing that's "bad" I guess about the game (idk if it's my phone or the game) but when I multi player and it searches for random people it takes a while not to ooo long not to short. But over all its an AWESOME game!! 5 stars
  6. 〰〰〰A MATAEUS REVIEW 〰〰〰
    Mat Cooper
    Boombits first game, and still one of their most addictive. (Not addictING - read a dictionary, people!) It's polished, responsive and for the ultimate in simple gameplay, surprisingly compelling. Achievements and an endless supply of online opponents keep you playing until you've unlocked everything and beaten your (embarrassingly low) high score. A great, simple pick up and play title from the British kings of the genre.
  7. Dont agree with their business model
    Dylan Bartusiak
    Pretty fun game although I think it gets boring pretty quickly. However, my major issue is that they charge $5 for easy mode. I think that this is a pretty scummy move based on the fact that the only people who will purchase easy mode are parents that get this game for their kids. For a free game $5 for easy mode is absurd based on who they are targeting.
  8. TomShloop2
    Fun game. Addicting. Except I got signed out of my Google Play through the app and when I signed back in, I lost almost all my gems, my purchased birds, and my high score was reset. Major bug.
  9. So much fun and not as ridiculously difficult as Flappy Bird!
    Duc Nhat
    Like at the first attempts you might find it hard to control the bird's movement, but once you get a hold of it, the game is so addictive and the graphic is just so adorable you can't stop playing. It's like the next Flappy Bird but less difficult so you will enjoy more! Highly recommended!
  10. Lost purchased items
    Jared Kooiman
    This is ridiculous, when you buy items in a game. You expect to keep them. I spent 10$ to "Unlock all birds", and after having to switch phones, I found out there's no way to restore previous purchases. That's 10 dollars down the drain. I won't be playing or supporting games by these devs anymore unless they add a way to restore purchases. Very angry about this and it should have been thought of before releasing the game.
  11. Awesome game
    Dritan Xhabija
    Would like to give the 3rd, 4th and 5th star if it wasn't so dam confusing as to who won and lost just by looking at the ongoing multiplayer games. Did I win 5 games vs Bob or did he? It's a layout design that no one cares for yet it makes the game feel like a 2 star game. If you have that feature ffs make it right don't publish a half assed polished game...cuz if you do then you'll get 2 stars
  12. So much fun!
    EE L
    My boyfriend and I play this online at night and have lots of fun beating each others scors!
  13. Glitchy
    Nicole Quiles
    I love the game, but it has started to get glitchy. I'll be playing the game and it will freeze for a split second and make me die. Happens very frequently. I have a galaxy note 3 running lollipop.
  14. Amazing
    Hannah Buckle
    Cool, awesome, loooove it! Do play it - its so addictive!!
  15. Great game
    At first I thought it was another 'rage game' like flappy bird, but when I actually played it was quite fun and it wasn't so hard. Which is good. Anyway, I like playing with other people but the ghost thing took a while to get used to because it was a distraction to me. I think that you should put an option to take ghosts on and off. Other than that, great and addicting game. Keep it up.
  16. Lost everything
    Jeremiah Scofield
    I switched phones, signed in with my Google account and realize I have to do everything all over again. I don't even have any of my friends in my multilayer list.... What gives??
  17. Could Make It More Challenging
    Neve Farthing-Kelly
    I also thought that this was a cage game for Flappy Bird, and ,in my opinion, the graphics are way better. Although this game is amazing, it could do with more obstacles on the walls at it is too easie for me. Thanks!
  18. Bre Ferrara
    Love this app it supports money grabers its fun exciting easy hard simple and i like the muliplayer
  19. Best time waster game
    Meg Jardine
    Fun for even a few minutes in a long grocery store line. Fun playing against others in multiplayer mode, fuels the competition. I wish they had more birds though, I feel like I capped out really quickly.
  20. Crashy Advertisements
    Briack Valiant
    Advertisements that play in a small window and open a pop-up function fine, but the ones that go landscape and full-screen crash the game after playing halfway, and cost the player all progress. Very frustrating, game is fun otherwise. Playing on a Galaxy Note 4 with latest android update (5.0.1)


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