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Cameron Tofer | COO at Beamdog

Alberta, Canada |

Alyssa Duguay | 3D Artist at Beamdog

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Amber Scott | at

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Phillip Daigle | Lead Designer at Beamdog

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  1. Does not work
    Matthew Scofield
    When I start the game I get music and a black screen. Never goes any further. Samsung galaxy tab s. Please fix this or give me my money back.
  2. Dmytro Kostiuchenko
    3 stars for port, 5 stars for a game Don't forget to save! Save to multiple save files. Game crashes occasionally, sometimes during save, so save file becomes damaged. Some game features are not available due to touch controls: you can't switch character scripted behavior (keyboard is required), you can't align you party while giving an order to move. Besides of that everything is fine. I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase. Can recommend to a friend.
  3. Like it on Android even better than PC
    Kurt Meehleis
    I spent countless hours playing this when it first came out on PC. It's even better with a touch screen (Nexus 9), there is a slight glitch for fire effects on weapons, they look rainbow shrouded rather than fire. Otherwise a great port!
  4. I throughly enjoy these games...
    Jason Pusey
    ... but ever since upgrading to a Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 from a Tab 10.1, I have shockingly witnessed a decrese is performance! When not processing any input, the game runs fine; however issuing commands and ingame animations bogs the game down to a crawl until the animations are complete. Please fix!
  5. Hot garbage
    Jeff Beaton
    Was so looking forward to playing this on my new tab s. All I get is black screen and music . Wasted my cash and time
  6. ntense001
    Amazing, my favorite infinity engine game and one of the best dungeon crawls ever created. Runs great on Galaxy tab pro. Probably not meant for a small phone, lots of little details you need to see and click on,. The 8.5 screen I'm using is plenty enough for it though. Uses old school AD&D rules so people who are new to that will have lots of fun learning the character system. Plenty of information ,forums and walkthrus on the web to explain to new players though so that don't let that stop you. Go ahead and dive in. Difficulty slider lets you customize the battles so if you run into something too hard that's no problem. Put it on God mode then switch it back.
  7. Great Port
    Canh Pham
    The game works decent on a tablet though I can't imagine the patience necessary to play this on a phone due to mis-clicks—even on my Nexus 7; 9"+ probably recommended. Ran into a few bugs so far but fairly minor and customer support has been good. For any D&D fans this is a must get!
  8. Good
    Mathew Bingham
    Game works perfect on my Samsung galaxy s4. I only have one question. When starting a new game how do you create one personal character to start with. I may be wrong but when i start game even if i have deleted the first guy and create a new one iy always starts with somone els anyway lol????
  9. 5.0 Lolipop Compatability Issue
    Rup Hoyland
    Absolutely love this game, loved it on PC when it first came out and was super excited to get it for my Note 3. Had about 15 hours of happy play out of it and now I've upgraded to lolipop it won't load past the Beamdog title screen. Music carries on playing but the screen is just black. Please sort it out Beamdog!
    Dovahkiin Warrior
    I am new to these series and i gotta say, very good game. I played 119 different so called action/rpg and d&d games. This one takes the cake, ice cream and maybe a few candles for me!! Glad i finally found a REAL ad&d rpg!!! Really exited. Gameplay is PERFECT AND FLAWLESS, have not came across ANY bugs/glitches as of yet. I will update after a few more days of playing. AWESOME WORK DEV TEAM.
  11. Thomas Betts
    If you play this game look forward to doing one fight, then retreating to a town to rest and get all your spells back. On the middle difficulty every fight takes ALL of your spells to win, which is just plain boring. It's like the worst sort of grinding there is. 2 minute fight, 15 minutes to go back to safety to rest, 2 minute fight, rinse repeat.
  12. Amazing as expected!
    Marc Valencerina
    Icewind Dale, like the Baldur's Gate series, is a true AD&D RPG game. It is true, hardcore RPG unlike most of the so-called RPG games in the Play Store. Those that are not familiar with this type of play will find it hard at the beginning but these people should not worry. Practice and understanding how things work, especially noting the importance of saving games often and hitting the pause button during battles to re-strategize, will let them progress with the game. Icewind Dale starts with the player having a team, unlike in Baldur's Gate where you start as a single person and then form your group progressively in-game. I love everything about it so far. Good work guys!
  13. Can't play just a black screen
    brandon Demery
    Is there a fix? If not I require a refund immediately
  14. Awesome port
    Nathan Jordan
    It's great reliving some old gaming experiences. Beamdog does a fine job of bringing memorable games to the mobile platform. Don't forget to check out Baldur's Gate 2 if you haven't already!
  15. Busted
    Bruce Bourassa
    Will not load, it gives the " download failed because you may have not purchased this app" error which is unfortunate. Beamdog has not been able to help and now have stop trying altogether. Which leaves not being able to play this otherwise great game UPDATE; does not work on Lollipop which sucks
  16. Works great on my Galaxy Note 10
    Christine Bennett
    Hoping that Planescape or Icewind Dale 2 will be happening soon. Thanks Beamdog.
  17. Works great
    Jason Dawes
    The only issues I have is how annoying it is to pick up items or click certain things/people when you are standing on or near them, and after I play the game my tablets keyboard shrinks and I haven't figured out a way to make it go back to normal size yet (short of restarting the tablet).
    Derek Thompson
    I love this game, but I upgraded to android lollipop which broke it. Now I have to rollback to Kitkat to play it.
  19. Improve the multiplayer
    Joe Stiers
    Could u take off the passwords for copo games and is there a site where we can meet up and find groups
  20. Love it
    Blaine Stenvik
    Now just do Neverwinter Nights so I don't have to manage the entire party on a tablet.


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We’ve made over 300 fixes and features throughout the 2.5 Infinity Engine updates and now this much-anticipated update for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is coming to you!