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ستار جيرل
فتاة النجوم جديد



Tiffany Alvord | YouTube Superstar

Philip Lau | Creative Director

Vicky Tam | Lead Developer

Kaylee Cheung | Operations Manager

Reviews 372,920

  1. Best game everrrr
    Macie Grace
    So time killing and the graphics are perfect! But pls bring back the chat box alreadyyy and i will give 5 stars okay do it now xD
  2. Albrecht Friedrich Ülrich
    You guys are cheap. And need to start refunding our hard earned money on the game when we purchase something from star wow and it says we've alredy won that prize. i spent 40,000 on star wow only to be told i already have that gift and none of the money was refunded. same thing with diamonds. Stop being cheap. You already charge more than enough for diamonds, we shouldnt have to lose them just because we have "already received that gift".
  3. Chimidoro Ningyou
    I love this game but since the last update I keep on getting troubles with the competition, one week ago they changed my avatar into the look it had at the beginning & for a few weeks I can't see the people who voted for me & I can't always vote for others in the competition cause it takes long & then gives me an error & it happens more & more lately someone knows what's wrong?
  4. Samsung Galaxy note 2
    Ryan Ahmed
    I loved it bec. I wondered so beautiful and not boring in this and i entered a fashion show many dresses and others
  5. They never sent my keychains
    Gulie Sg
    In December animoca had a deal every $30 spent will get u a keychain w a bag.. so I spent 90$ that month filled out forms and here we are in may dozens of emails later... No keychains or any email back!! It's really messed up and a huge scam.. every email they respond for me to be patient Lol.. but come on look how many months passed by! Don't spend on this game they literally steal from their customers and provide Nothing but horrible customer service
  6. Once love but now hate it
    yami vamnya
    Since the 2 weeks I'm trying to open this app but whenever I try to open it ,it show's that it is loading but at some moment it stops then for a min. and then I'm suddenly at my home screen god knows how. I'm fed up of doing this again and again ,and now I feel it's garbage in my tab, I'm gonna uninstall it if it is gonna go like this only for the next coming week, I'm very angry
  7. Not responding
    Reynosa Leelin
    I always have a hard time opening my star girl app!this has been my 2nd app already!the 1st one was on my tablet. And now I have a new star girl app on my other account!my 1st star girl didn't respond at all so I ended up uninstalling I'm afraid that it is happening again!and most of the time some of my clothes or any thing that i bought is disappearing even my boy friend's gifts!pls fix this because all of my friends that I got into this app are also disappointed or they will end up deleting this.
  8. Celena Greeson
    Please help I really do love this game but AM frustrated it won't let me save my game I have lost points close because of not being able to save it please please please please can you fix this thank you love the game I tried to email did not go trow....
  9. Ok
    Kim chi tsukiyomi
    There's a request that you need buy 1 dress in star vogue so i did it but when i click the clipboard icon.. It still not accomplish please fix it :(
  10. My Love
    Ahmed Kawsur
    I just adore this game , it is my favourite, people says, it is difficult to play, but I play it as I am leaving a life, I go to jobs, carnival and play wow
  11. Star Girl: Beauty Queen
    Rachael Gomez
    I have contacted customer service several times and they do nothing. I have spent hundreds of dollars of my own money for advertising and clothes, etc. during the game (which only works a couple of minutes a day before it freezes and turns off). I have worked so hard to build up an inventory of clothes and jewelry, etc and I turned it on and now my inventory is wiped out and back for sale. This game takes your real money, they have terrible business ethics.
  12. I love this super new game
    Linda Linds
    This game is so fun . I was so lucky because i never had any problem but when i started playing stargirl gave me 1000 gems so thank you
  13. I don't think you will hate it just I did
    Vu Tran
    I'm a daughter and this probably wasted most of my time I have spent the most of my hours play Star Girl to have everything taken away from me? They took everything from me twice!!!
  14. I like this game but...
    Stephanie Garcia
    When I first got the game I would be in a place right away without loading but now it keeps loading a saying there is an error but my WiFi is just fine I will give it a 5 star if you can fix the error thank you
  15. Animoca not yet give me gift like they promise!
    Shienny Sienartha
    I lost many diamond ,money &50% coupon a few days ago.animoca promise to give me back , but they didn't give me untill now.i say like that because; animoca sent me email that first i must follow his instruction step by step.i have done it! But i cant loggin to they costumer support .although many times i wrote to customer support thAT troubles , but customer support always sent me the same email!! I feel annoyed!!.if i can do like you instruction in your email, i'll never sent you many email like that.
  16. Having lots of problems
    shekhar sharma
    This is the best game evr made ,im totally mad for this but evry week new probs come,my fashion contest never opens after contedt finishes it takes 2 days after i get invitation & hence I get behind &they dont even solve
  17. Problems
    Eng Soon Khoo
    The new clothings upate can only last to 99% instead of 100%.Hence,I cant shop at many shops in the shopping mall. I dun have a facebook acount so I dun have any friends .I cant find the IDs.So , I cant play flirt in first sight
  18. I love this game but,
    mohammad ayaz
    Now I hate it because when l was not playing this game my one of the hair style was not there and my very costly dresses were not there and my money became less pls fix it because l love this game
  19. Star girl
    Alyssa Hull
    I'm so mad because I went into the star wow shop, paid for the mystery gift, then told me I already had that item when really, it could have picked anything else! I'm so mad because of the fact I also spent 40000 on that gift, but got nothing back, so fix it! Other then that, I enjoy the game, and everyone please like my ID is KCZZFP
  20. I got hacked
    Elisa Rosario
    Somebody took my stuff, my money,diamonds. And i have to start all over again, im very sad so please find the hacker and made him or her paid for it


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