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  1. Add more media players
    Udit Jain
    You can only share and sync misic if you have soundcloud. It's utterly useless if you want to use it with any other music player
  2. Not what it says
    Pankaj Purohit
    This takes onto SoundCloud where user has to create yet another account and spend bandwidth to run the app. No local playback supported. Ironically nothing such mentioned in the useless description.
  3. Sound cloud only
    Karan Rajpal
    Where have you mentioned in the description that the app depends on sound cloud? If you did, I wouldn't have downloaded it. A stupid way to get users to download your app. I hope you add local playback, until then my review remains the same.
  4. Update description
    Michael Conte
    No where in the description did I see soundcloud only. From what I did see of the app, the ui is nice. I don't use soundcloud, if the app updates with more options I may revisit but for me this is a dislike.
  5. Martín Da Fonte
    Muy buena idea, funciona bastante bien, aunque demora un poco en sincronizar, aunque parezca extraño, si te pide que pongas el volumen más bajo para sincronizar, hacelo! no se que magia es pero funciona
  6. I love it!
    Rafi Ansari
    Man, I was waiting and searching for such an application where you can group play your songs with others. And PLUS, it supports cross platforms which is nice! Overall Nice App! Well Done
  7. 2 stars just because of their generic replies..
    Chad Salem
    To every comment.. And ones in Spanish they reply to but in English and ignore the comments. This company is confused.
  8. Good idea
    Lauren Lanyon
    This is a great idea, and the UI is nice, but I do agree with other users, that being able to play from sources other than SoundCloud would be great.
  9. Sadman Sakib
    First I lyked it...I created a sound cloud when I tried to download the tracks by using amp me it says amp me is stopped unfortunately...plz do something about this..:(
  10. Forced to join SoundCloud
    Andres Rojas
    No other option but to Uninstall. Concept sounds good though.
  11. Can't Play Phone Media
    Patrick Udeh
    I strongly suggest you rebuild the app to play media in host device. This will make the app second to none. You can even make this a premium feature, if you like. However, if you don't bulge, I bet someone else will beat you to it, and I wouldn't mind investing in there's.
  12. Iván Macías
    It's a big idea but still needs a lot of improvements and sync Spotify is essential
  13. Sand Kuma
    It'd be great if we can use it with local music
  14. Juan Cruz Falcón
    sync works great but only plays from soundcloud. should be in the description..
  15. Brilliant
    Paul Caden
    Only works with Soundcloud for the moment. But they are working out deals with other audio streaming companies and believe me when they do everybody's going to be using this because it is so much fun to listen from multiple speakers. The sound is great when our 2 nexus 5 cells and Samsung tablet work in unison!
  16. Come on...
    Kurt Fristik
    Should be able to choose what I play and where I play it from not just SoundCloud!! Come on....
  17. Not bad
    Nicolas Geerinck
    Would like to see the ability to play local music and sound sync between host and other connected devices
  18. Good idea
    Hasan Durmush
    Love the idea behind this app.. Just hate that I'm being forced to use soundcloud and not my music on the device
  19. But why only SoundCloud?
    Shawn SQ Zhang
    Please try GroupPlay by Samsung and get some ideas from them. That's what we would like. Offline streaming! ... Update: Thank you for your concern but for me, having the ability to connect without Internet connection is a must as it is not reliable where I live and possibly others. Thank you :)
  20. Useless
    David Mehedinti
    This app is useless if it can't play system audio, regardless the source.


What`s new

We have a brand new tech to stream your local music to your guests! We could describe it at length... In a nutshell, it's just better!
Party detection has been improved, we made sure you never miss your friends' party!
We also enhanced as usual our AutoSync, making it more reliable than ever.

Also, some UI/UX Tune ups, and the usual bug fixes.

Drop a review or send us an email to [email protected] if you have any questions <3

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