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  1. Wow...
    Geraldo Espinosa
    Looks like crap, only 1 song (although a good one), and it's the same crap over and over again. Uninstalling. I hate that I paid for this.
  2. Just horse sounds. Blurgh.
    Rachel E.
    Have not been able to get the music to play which makes it a bit less exciting. Just keep it on my phone cos I shelled out 99 cents for it months ago! Uninstalled, re-installed, updated... nope, just horse sounds. :-(
  3. cameron erguiza
    Would like to see the Blind Guardian track added to this version. Don't want to have to get the second version to play that mode when I payed for this one. Just an idea.
  4. Not the same
    Steven Simpson
    I had this app years ago & recently redownloaded it, but this newest version is glitched to all hell. The jump button sometimes makes you dash or just doesn't work at all. This WAS a 5 star game, but since it's not even playable, it gets 1 star until the bugs are fixed.
  5. Simple yet addicting game.
    The song is catchy and game is well made. Not to complex, but fun and unique.
  6. Love this
    Ashley-rose Flynn
    Used to play this on the computer love that they added it to the store. Dislike that I had to pay though, but non the less its worth it.
  7. This game used to be a lot better
    Rawr Munster
    This game used to run and look better. Now it is complete garbage! Why?! Oh, because you want everyone to play RUA 2. What a joke.... dick move
  8. Great googly-moogly.
    Nicholas Xayasith
    It's 2010 all over again. I loved the simple flash game when it first appeared a few years ago, now it's available in a "take anywhere" size. Sweet. The game promises nothing more than being a simple time-waster as an endless loop side scroller. Works perfect on Note 3 running 4.3, just like I remembered it. Good job, developers!
  9. Amazing game also RUA Heavy Metal please bring back
    Allison Panet
    This game is amazing and really give me the feel that I'm ridding on a horse reminding me of my fun childhood. The game gives a good challenge but to me it's not as rage full as other games. But I do want to ask if you can please post RUA Heavy Metal. That was my favorite out of all the games. I'd appreciate it so much if you brought it back. Thank you.
  10. Absolutely awesome.
    William J Greklek III
    Game works flawlessly now on my Galaxy note 3. It controls well, love Erasures "always" music background, and is actually a lot of fun. Where else can you play a rainbow crapping unicorn lol? I love adult swim games! Please add online leaderboards. Thank you devs!
  11. It is what it is...
    Joshua Cole
    This is a great game... It's exactly what is described. One song and most people seem to like it. Graphics aren't bad. It's exactly what it was described as on adult swim when it came out. It's a side scrolling strategy game that is a decent time passer. For .99c you can't really go wrong. I don't understand the hate. Adult swim never made it out to be anything more than what I've described above. I've used it on five phones now over the years and never had any issues.
  12. Great game
    I bought this game originally on iphone thinking it would be one of those dumb games I'd play when I'm extremely bored, but it turned out being one of my favorite games I'd bought, and so I had to buy it again when I switched over to android. The background song is great, and the gameplay is simple and fun. Who knew making a unicorn smash through stars and jump across gaps would be so fun!
  13. Adultswim why,
    Natalie Fernandez
    What the hell! I just want to hear the song and play it ! Not cool ! It won't play the music anymore!
  14. Music?
    Hailey Seitz
    This app has no music. I see all of these rates that say theres a song on here. I remember playing this on the computer and it had music. Please fix cause i love this song. If not i will be refunding
  15. Amazing. Play the flash version first.
    Dillon Salsman
    Amazing game. Don't buy this if you don't know what it is. It's so disheartening to see bad reviews from ignorant people. Make sure you play the flash version first before buying a game you know nothing about.
  16. Best game on the whole store!
    Thomas Lucarelli
    I love this gsme, its not only challenging to get the highest score possible but its also entertaining at the same time. The song that plays in the background is perfect and it never gets old. Honestly though, I like this one better than the second RUA2. This is also an original game too, not trying to copy other people's work in some knock off attempt. You guys are awesome keep up the great work:D!
  17. Much better on the apple store
    Aneesh Sharma
    Bought this game because I saw a friend playing it on his iPhone but it's no the same it looks worse and foes not run as smoothly. This should look good on the note 4 but it doesn't.
  18. Omg so mad
    Jocelynn Smith
    I bought it and tried to install it and when it is bout done it says can't be installed and stops sucks don't buy.
  19. Its OK. Its not better than Part 2
    Martell Nelson
    I brought it to know what's the first one is eventually is like. Its OK at best. This game can get abit boring honestly. My honest review of this game is 3.5 stars
  20. Miranda Lewis
    Love this game! Only wish you could adjust volumes for the song and sound effects. I like having the sound effects on, but they drown out the music.


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