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tiki solitaire


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  1. Tim Fox
    Game allot fun cards are to small to make our even with my new glasses fix that 5 stars other are several other games very similar and I can easily read the cards on those games without glasses and all the print is way to small maybe seems like an easy fix and have seen others complain about the same thing maybe this game should only be played on tablet could be 5 stars easy if it was playable on a phone
  2. Another ad filled game.
    William Par
    Also, not sure if this game is meant for all Android devices considering my game was stuck upside down.:-) Finally, after the first level, you can quit with all the tutorials. This game isn't exactly ground breaking, or difficult.
  3. Disappointed
    Sheila Thedford
    I can't play the game. It's frozen, I'm at level 127 and it won't work you click on the button nothing happens but you can still hear the background music.
  4. Fun game but stopped working
    Amber Croston
    I really enjoyed this game its challenging enough to keep it fun but not so much so that you get stuck. Then today it refused to load I uninstalled and just reinstalled I guess we will see if it works, here's hoping
  5. Not working
    Jenny Bean Sturtevant
    Not working, I really enjoyed the game up until this point. It loads up until 81% and freezes. I Uninstalled it twice to see if that would help, but it hasn't. Edited: Game has been fixed. Thank you.
  6. Solartales
    Nina Massengjll
    Getting boring can't advance any more. Money disappears weekly if not used
  7. Solitaire Tales
    Violet Smith
    Enjoyed the game. Played everyday. Then the game would not load. Game gets to 81% during loading then stops. No way to contact support to report issue. The only support offered is through the app but the app won't load. I posted on their facebook page and they dont respond back. So this app is useless.
  8. Cindy Siatkosky
    Love the game but level 170 is not working right keeps telling me level complete but won't give me third star so I can move on
  9. Game used to be fun
    Michelle Potts
    Game freezes way to much, daily 3k bonus is given then disappears. Weekly achievement bonus is given then disappears or you're unable to collect it!! Game levels sometimes will take double the amount of coins to play.
  10. Solitaire Tales
    Melissa Tucker
    Sooo. I LOVE the graphics behind the cards...but USUALLY the cards you are served are all 3's, 5's 7's, 9's... then all of you flip up cards are 3, 5, 7, 9....OR the opposite is true. You get dealt 2's, 4's, 10's, Q's and all of your flip up cards are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q. Random cards...really...
  11. Melissa Carmer
    Will not load gets to 50% and then says reload. I'm done trying to play the game. To much of a hassle
  12. Mrsdelicious
    Deedee Lee
    Good game but lacks incentives to come back n play everyday
  13. It WAS a good game
    Daisy Towne
    Loved the first 6 levels, but when I got to level 7, it just froze. Also, the game is too big for my screen. I have cards I can't click on/ see. Please fix!! Solitairie Atlantis has same issues
  14. Too many alerts
    Kimberli Howles
    Good game but get 3 messages every 15 minutes to tell me I have full lives. Deleting....too bad this seemed to be a good game
  15. wendy webb
    Not getg anywhere with customer service. They would rather have me delete game than fix the problems. Its sad I've been playg so long on level300 and spent lots of money but again they dont seem to care.
  16. Solitaire Tales
    Sherri Parks
    I am solitaire crazy, i definitely loves this game! Thanks for sharing! AWESOME!
  17. Still doesn't load!!!!
    Stephen Brown
    Still does not load. Still gets to 81% and stops loading. Please fix or I'm done.
  18. Won't load
    eliou kallinteris
    It loads to 81% and then it stops. It's been like this for a week.
  19. Not bad but lives dissapeared
    susan mcmaster
    Not a bad game, except lives that were gifted by friends dissapeared when i checked i had 6 lifes sent as gifts by friends, you can only accept 1 every 2 hours. I accepted 1 and when i went to play game next morning the other 5 had vanished. WHERE HAVE THEY GONE.....PLEASE REPLY
  20. Solitaire tales
    Stephanie Lewis
    Love the game, but hate it can't be played without network connections.


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