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كيف تصنع اشياء في ماين كرافت


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Flávio Miyamaru | Partner CEO at Tapps Games

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Renato Lochetti | Product Manager at Tapps Games, CSPO

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil |

Bruno Barbosa Ramalho | Game Designer

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Epaminondas Neto | Game Designer at Tapps Games

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Reviews 64,450

  1. Good while it lasted
    Dylan Hazen
    I managed to 100% the game in about five days its to short and unless you link the game you will be stuck with a very bad energy problem
  2. 5 stars but..
    Migs Encarnado
    I gave 5 stars because i love it nuffsaid.however...what happened to my accnt i liked it on facebook and when i return to the game..all the things i have craft materials potion gold and gems all gone...but i have the i reset the game and started all over again.hope the same thing wont happen to other players.coz it could ruin the game.thanks
  3. Loved it!
    anthony wright
    After playing this game For the past 4 days, I have my good and bad opinions of the game. Honestly the game has a great easy to follow story in which the characters actually all are apart of something. I noticed though the only way I was able to complete this in four days by doing a glitch in the game by changing the time on my device forward a day in order to refill my energy instantly and completing any researches (needs to be fixed). The game is somewhat short. needs to be extended. Great game otherwise.
  4. Love it!
    Vic Welch
    Fun and adventurous at the same time. Dig your way across the dwarves world and into the heart of fun adventure. Quick and fun for breaks at work, or enjoy a longer game by buying upgrades.
  5. Great game but.....
    Richard Howard
    Doesnt take long to use up energy then u gotta wait ARGHHH!!! and some of the items take 4ever to craft but doesnt matter as u gotta wait 4 energy to refill. Still fun game am near end now.
  6. Good!
    Brooke L
    This game is great. It has a terrific concept, combining mining and crafting with RPG elements and a mild storyline. I find it relaxing and enjoyable. A few things I'd like to see changed: First, the energy system really does kill the flow of the game. I realize you can upgrade for moderately more energy, but it's not nearly enough. I also noticed there is an IAP to remove ads - why not create another IAP package that includes no ads + unlimited energy for a dollar or two more than the one that simply removes ads (or make it a separate IAP completely)? I would absolutely purchase that. If the energy thing is to keep people from going through the game too quickly and getting bored, simply randomizing the dungeon layouts each time the game is completed would take care of that. I'd replay this forever if that were the case! Also, minor issue, but I like the fully zoomed out view, and find it annoying to have to manually re-zoom out so often. Aside from those issues, this is a tpp notch game. Thanks, devs!
  7. Lies to me
    Dillon Herman
    Its says that my energy is full but when I go and mine its saying there's no energy left so fix it and I will rate it back to five
  8. Ok
    Alejandra Cavazos
    Its really fun but when i got to a certain world, it stopped filling up my enery. So I can't play at all.
  9. Great game! Sadly short though..
    Bradley Sherwood
    I loved this game and even though I've run all the way through, I'm still gonna be purchasing all of my upgrades in hopes that the money I put in it will go towards an extension. Sadly though, I only got 4 of the 5 stones to make it to the end. Is this meant to happen... Or? All in all, I loved it, my only complaint is the length! Please add more, publishers! People will buy! Also, for the people complaining about the energy, what mobile game gives you unlimited energy?....... No seriously.... I'll wait....
  10. I like it but....
    V Heydinger
    The 200 moves really kill the flow; you really get a grove going and BOOM! no more energy. Life and energy do not refill when you level up, which I must admit is something I've never seen. It seems unnatural. Lol. I like it, but I can see myself growing bored with it before too long.
  11. Bug
    Sim Yuan He
    After playing for awhile my phone crashed out and when I went back into the game, all my assets ( ores, potions etc.) Were gone but I still retained my stats. Not game breaking but it makes it impossible to craft the end tier items :(
  12. What Now
    Melissa Millar
    I've gotten to the rescue machine and it won't let me claim it. Everything else is done. What's next? Does it just end there? Would have rated 5 stars if I could go further.
  13. It's PAY to play..
    I like this games concept and would like to play it more, but the game is made with a very annoying system of energy and it is intended that you (the player) will get irritated enough and spend money to buy more energy, the game already has advertising and a very slow energy regeneration that doesn't last long at all.. It is Sad that there are very few games out there that don't require large amounts of money to be spent to just have a little fun. TAKE THE ENERGY SYSTEM OUT COMPLETELY!
  14. I liked it but...
    Shadow Stasyna
    I like it but when you level up you should put in some energy bar that gets bigger or some other way to get it bigger
  15. Yay
    Guang Chen
    It's an epic game. The energy system is what makes this game fun.
  16. Can be 5 stars...
    Linda Beugelsdijk
    If you let me zoom out more and save that setting so it doesn't zoom in again when leaving a mine or the workshop. For others: it is possible to increase energy bar. Workshop->upgrades
  17. Crashs!
    turtole legs
    Could of been fun if it didnt crash at the coal part every time... cant play it
  18. Finished playing, not bad
    Kar Hoe Zenn Ow
    Quite an addictive games, just a bit too short for the games, hopefully got 2nd edition!
  19. Great game, but glitched
    Kim Clark
    Was enjoying this but it's lost my game data and when I start a new game it gets stuck just after the story! Annoying...
  20. Fun
    Michelle Stone
    I would've given 5 stars but it didn't have enough levels it was 100% completed in a few days


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