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клуб пингвинов


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Reviews 19,118

  1. Would give it 5's (star's)
    Holly Forsythe
    I wish you could take care of your garden's on the Mobile version and there was more games to play to get kinzcash please fix and I will give this game 5 's a (star's) I can only play on my phone b/c my laptop isn't working right now and fix this Mobile version so u can get clothes out of the dressers in ur pets rooms
  2. Epic|Not So Good
    S. Westbrook
    I really like the fact that when I go some where I don't have access to a computer I can still play but it could use some work
  3. Steve Withrow
    I expected to be able to play this game but the game won't even fully fit on the screen so I can't do anything!
  4. Ripped off
    Jenny Sondey
    This is the worst app ever!!! I bought my dayghter a webkinz from the store and went online to dowmload it but couldnt because they wanted me to have the app the play on my tablet. So then I downloaded the app and guess what it wont let me punch in her code so she can with the one I bought her. What a waste of money. I will never buy another webkinz again!!!!
  5. Webkinz
    Joseph Maldjian
    Please make it have every game and feature you have online and please fox this I have 3 pets on my account and I can not get into the ones I bought from the webkinz shop. Then I will rate 5 stars.over all that it is a great game.
  6. Does not work
    Heather H.
    I love thus game even though it keeps crashing at the webkinz store if you could make this stop I would probably give a better review
  7. Not much to do
    Dolphindancer Applejack
    It's good\bad. I get very bored(bad). I love the animals (good)
  8. Fine
    Mackenzie Rogers
    I love webkiz but kinzcash is the thing u need for webkinz. The games on this app is bad u need to but more games on it to male kinzcash. FIX THIS and ill hive u five stars
  9. Hate it
    Ellie Lloyd
    OMG WHY WOULD I HATE IT ITS SOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE AND PLUS CUTE BTW I'm cherymaya13299 if you see me and I'm a bunny named Bella and my friend is teenonlyyaj I you see him and plus I'm on animal jam and as you know maybe I'm still cherrymaya13299 and my bffl is biloxii
  10. Unfair
    wilmoth solomon
    I know you're still working on the game but you should let free players have a chance to buy a pet WITHOUT having to pay money for some pet and I'm NOT done you should also let free players expand their room, and I know this has nothing to do with the game but on the computer let free players BE ABLE TO DO ALL the stuff at the academy.
  11. Amazing app!
    Michelle Pastorek
    I love this app! It is so cool that you can care for your pets from anywhere. I love the unique and different prizes on the Wheel of Wow! The app has changed so much!
  12. Luv it
    Erika Smith
    People, Do stop complaining about it, Ganz wanted to put the game on mobile so you can take it with you wherever you go. If yio want to adopt or create a new account, you will have to do it on a computer.
  13. Won't load
    Anna Giuda
    I just downloaded this game, and it won't load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won't load. And you should make ALL the games available on Google play. I would appreciate it if you would make more than one game available on Google play, and if you would fix this app
  14. Hey I would really like
    Meika Saltel-Wood
    To be able to go onto the outfits option like on my laptop.
  15. Keep upgrading
    Emma Williams
    It needs more up grades. I like how the app has a house now but it still needs: cheaper pets, more games, map ( outside of the house)/a town, TV that you can watch, able to get coins, connect to online people, and more choices for your first time pet. Those are the upgrades people usually are looking for and that I know that I really want.
  16. A glich
    Jazmin Padilla
    I have a glitch whenever I push the play button the nuts and bolts text goes crazy and doesn't let me push it
  17. Game stopped working
    Pamela Angelino
    Kids love this app. But suddenly stopped working. Stuck on one pet. Won't switch to other pets. Please fix!
  18. Its awesome
    Marla Standley
    Its like playing the real thing but on a phone our tablet. I especially like how I can get on when I cant get on the computer. You guys need to stop complaining about it. You're lucky it even exists. Its not their fault that you bought a Webkinz and don't have a laptop or computer for it. Maybe they'll add it soon. You guys just can't be patient. You're demanding it NOW. They don't add something right away just for you.... They have to have a lot of other people agree on it. animouse
  19. Doesn't work
    Jess Dancer
    I'm trying to download the game for my little cousin but whenever I go on it, it starts to load then it cuts out. Please fix this. I want to give a better rating
  20. Bug or hack?
    Aeryn Cannon
    Its pretty cool but when im on the go its not possable to do anything


What`s new

• Gardening 1-click functionality update
• Dispenser 1-click functionality update
• Various bug fixes

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