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Josh Brooks | Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Marketing at Jam City

Greater Los Angeles Area |

David Schulman | Vice President Production, Jam City Los Angeles

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Lexi Biglow | Executive Assistant to CTO and COO at Jam City

Santa Monica, California |

Chris DeWolfe | CEO and Co-Founder at Jam City

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Reviews 65,070

  1. I have been stuck on level 69 for about 3 months and I would get 3 to 4 times to go to the next level and it is not letting me go any further I am going to uninstall this game if I can't get any further please fix the issues in this thank you
    Michelle Chivers
    Now this is getting redickulas I have been stuck on level 69 for now what is for our three months please fix this problem or I will delete the game it's a fun game but when your stuck on the same level for over 3 months than the game is just not worth my time anymore and I will Uninstall the game. to Uninstall the game because I've been stuck on the same level four more than most 2 months it's not letting me go over the bridge please fix the problem I do not want to keep playing the same one thank you
  2. Panda jam
    Ruth Mullaney
    I have been stuck on level 80 for several weeks. I just wasted a punch of color bombs. It wouldn't let me get rid of anything. It kept adding rows, but I couldn't do anything. Very frustrating. I liked the game before, but now not so much. Plus there have been times when it shows 6 babies instead of 3 & it keeps going to that thing pulling lever then flashing back. Makes you sick to see it flashing like that.
  3. Panda jam
    sarah Geromichalos
    Great game just need more ways to get the extra bombs etc.
  4. Panda jam
    Dave Rennie
    You get what you dont have to psy for. Glitches in game show quickly. Words freeze on screen and it takes your money
  5. Love This game
    dom frost
    I'm on level 131. Took a while to get here. Need more ways to earn stuff
  6. Lela Williams
    Really like the game but sometimes after you've beat a level it won't go to next level, and sometimes your coins disappear
  7. Getting used to it
    Karen D
    I think that this game takes a little while to keep u interested the bears are sort of sweet which makes the game
  8. Evil Baboon
    S. Nicole Pickett
    Good game! I being stuck on a level for more than 2 days. So I gave it 4 stars.
  9. Nice game
    Luis Norberto Flores García
    It's funny and cahllenging, but you don't get a lot of help if you don't pay
  10. Aweome
    Nicole Forey
    This is a really cool game. I love it and play it all the time. I'm like obsessed with pandas.
  11. Gieni Quesada
    Like Pandas but this game seemed on the verge of stalling as if not enough umpf on my part in choosing tile. Uninstalling
  12. Worst game ever!!!
    Bill Altman
    Its a joke! Stuck on a level. Won't ever buy power ups for this stupid game. Uninstalling it.
  13. Put more games like this on here
    Irie Nicole Smith
    I would like to see more levels Irish tyler thank u
  14. kjs moma
    Fun! I just wish it was a little larger, so my fingers wouldn't make mistakes!
  15. Lil Mouse
    Karen Burbach
    I've gotten to the 3rd level and so far so good! Oooh, so much fun. I'll let you know what I think at the 10th level.
  16. Fun at first
    Robin Thrower
    Love it, but no fun once th obvious manipulation to buy coins begins.too hard and frustrating the further up u get. The amt of coins u get isnt enough to play.
  17. Good but wish there were more perks
    Elizabeth Gubala
    I would like to see specials to get extra tokens or tools
  18. Stuck
    Arlette Moore-Brown
    Deleting game because I'm stuck on a level for several weeks now.
  19. Panda Jam
    Karen Lucas-Santiago
    The app constantly changes where it is on the screen, very annoying. If it weren't for that and the freezing up on me in the middle of the game, it would be a great game
  20. Game no longer loads
    Wendy Gooby
    Game now becomes unresponsive once it gets to connecting to Facebook on the load up screen


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