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  1. Wow excellent sim app
    johnnie stewart
    I own all 3 versions of weapones and they are spectacular except the 2 latest versions #2 & WW II don't have nearly the amount of guns that the first version has. But I see after you buy the app once no more up sells and future updates contain guns usually and are free to the owner. I j ust wish the updates came faster so all three programs can have a full 21 gun assortment like oh the 1st weaphones. Edit:4/10/15 still waiting on a update for #2 & WII anxious as all hell come on guys it's been too long
  2. Boss but, Needs a little more improvements
    Trent Lucis Caelum
    I love how you guys made it to where the guns are used in "spec-ops" ver. But, I think that you could've added some more explosives, spec-ops weapons, and maybe even a ballistic knife. So keep up the good work, maybe people could could even do a role-play weaphones war!! Oh yeah and can you guys please add or try to add slow motion option on all of the guns?
  3. James Xavier
    This app needs a few things... First, it needs a motion to fire the gun via shaking the phone. Second, it needs a sliding trigger feature, as it would be nice on like the snipers. Thirdly, I would like to see more of those minigames like on the first volume. Do this, and this app will be one of the best.
  4. Great app but laggy on new phone
    Nick M
    I bought this gun app a while ago when I used to use it a lot, but I ended up deleting it to save space on my old phone. I saw it today and thought I'd like to reinstall it and see how it ran on my new phone, which is very capable of running it. But the app is really laggy and slow in the menus and the guns themselves, so I cant really use it. Has this been updated for Android 5.0 Lollipop yet? Cause that's what OS I'm running on Motorola Moto G 2nd gen, maybe that's the problem. A fix ASAP would be great!
  5. Very well done
    Chris Balenzuela
    Smooth mechanics, good range and only minor inaccuracies. Well done guys. Would be good to see the slow motion feature on all weapons.
  6. A little laggy/slow motion
    Joshua Mcbride
    Only down side is its a little laggy at times, but other wise its a great app. Also I would love too see slow motion on all the guns especially the fully automatic ones.
  7. Its good enough
    shaun mo
    I love this app and would recommend it to anyone. Very realistic from loading to flash to the jams and smoke to even weapon overheating! I love all 3 apps. Well worth the investments I'd say. But I would like to see more shotguns. Too few. And in the WWII I didn't find any shotguns. This was a little disappointing to me because there are some really good ones from that time I would have loved to simulate. Also, one of the WWII guns has a bug when you attach the bayonet it becomes the barrel. Thanks!
  8. Love the series
    Ralph Kwan
    Bought all sims but all 3 were auto uninstalled after I updated my phone to Android 5. Cannot install since then, error every time. Please fix it.
  9. More
    Tuusol Silver
    There greater if not the best gun sims for mobile devices but I wish you added new weaphones more often
  10. Awwwwsome
    Axel Juarez
    This app is freaken amazing good work great graphics.......just an.opinion you should add the F2000 or a gun related to the G36c it would be awesome to see those weapons in weaphone action
  11. Awesome but
    wyatt austin
    I deleted half of my games and it says there's not enough space. its on my other tablet and I love it. Best gun sim ever
  12. Add gold guns in the ww2, vol 1, and vol 2
    Hansel Paulino
    I love gold guns so mabye in the next update for all of them can you guys put like one or two gold guns for all the weaphones
  13. More guns
    Daniel Brown
    Good app but need a lot more guns in it. More GUNS A LOT MORE GUNS. Please add more guns like a lever action winchester style gun
  14. İ need more guns
    Aidan Powers
    It's great and all its just I want more guns to shoot my brother with. If you can do that the 5 stars are yours
  15. Big Daddy Mike
    Mike Foot-Batten
    Ultra realistic gun sim. Loading a fresh clip after detaching the empty one is very satisfying and the smoke effects are amazing. Highly recommended.
  16. Needs more guns
    Stuks K
    Fun, needs more firearms and maybe one or two explosives. Also it black out every now and then
  17. Awesome and well made
    Nicholas Cellerini
    The best fun with guns you can have on your phone. Well made with realistic loading and operation of the guns. It does lag a little though.
  18. It should name thm rit
    Joseph Davin
    Wat an amazing game. But so!e guns names aren't rit
  19. Laggy on my note 4
    Leonard Daniel Hadi
    hi its very laggy on my note 4 compared to the other weaphines which r smooth do u mind releasing an update to fix this?
  20. It's a blast!
    Tom Knott
    Well made app. Has no real purpose other than to show you how to load and fire several guns. I liked them all though.


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