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  1. Not same on cell
    Sue Hutsko
    I advanced on Facebook on laptop but won't advance me to next book on cell. Also cannot rack up points like on laptop. But level I'm stuck on 215 score min
  2. Nick Hewitt
    I do like but it is has stop now can someone look at so i can move on with the game I can move on pc Facebook page but not on my tablet so why !!!!!!!!!! please tell me why no news yet!!!!!! Still no word from you why I can't move on to the next book on my tablet not happy with you still no update yet will you ever update it?
  3. Kimberly King
    Can't get past the gates without magic keys and when I send requests to friends for magic keys it shows up to them that I am asking for a life instead. I am stuck at the gate in the meantime with no way to pass without having to pay. What is the fix?
  4. "PERFECT "
    Chanel Hill
    Keep up the good work I really enjoy playing. Please dnt let the levels end that would be bad. :)
  5. Devil of a game ... but ...
    Morrigan Bazar
    Any reason why I just got ripped off with the 10 extra moves I bought at over $5?  I've almost finished the game and this is the first time I've had to buy anything. I'm really disappointed considering I've had little luck with purchasing within this game anyway.
  6. Fun game, despite glitches
    Melanie White
    The game can glitch & freeze up sometimes. There are times when the tiles don't fall like they should, or where you should earn a bonus tile & it doesn't show up. Also can't log out and let someone else play on their own account. It's fun & entertaining though.
  7. Love it, but encountering a problem...
    clarissa reed
    Challenging and super duper fun! But I am attempting to open the gate to get to level 124 and when I attempt to pay for entrance it says: MAKING REQUEST then immediately says REQUEST CANCELED. It doesn't give me the opportunity to input my charge info. Very frustrating. I'm at a standstill and at this point, it's just wasting space on my phone. Fix it!
  8. Timothy Wiggill
    Wouldn't recomend this game. Get to stage 36 and got to pay $12.48 to pass the locked door. Why must we pay to carry on with the game?? As far as I'm concerned. Bullshit. Going to uninstall right now. I'm sure there are better games on playstore. Thank you...
  9. Two thumbs up for Wicked!!!
    Ginger Snap
    Fantabulous game! Love how you have to clear objects and at same time save others. Having to follow the map is fantastic! Love how you earn a wee sniper of the Wicked story. 2 thumbs up!!
  10. Love the game, hate the crashes
    Stacie Weich
    Started playing this game on FB before it was available on android. I really enjoy this type of puzzle game... but I find it freezes quite often and that's annoying.
  11. Stuck at level with no keys.
    Brandy Wallace
    The game is fun and I love the story. However I am now to a door that I need keys to to get through and I have
  12. Not well put together!
    Rosemary Gandolfo
    No directions. No help button and no way to advance without bothering friends. I will be uninstalling. Also, the sign out button doesn't work and two of my friends that play aren't showing up on my list. This game is fraught with problems!
  13. Update!
    Tammy Lensen-Mimaran
    Used to play this game all the time but it won't even load on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. My phone is brand new and I can't even play. Please fix asap and I might change to 5 stars!
  14. Love the game but needs update to match fb
    Heather Baker
    In fb there aren't any fats, so I cannot send our recieve keys for cell
  15. Love this but.... .
    Rhonda Fetter
    Ive got to level 78 & for some reason it wont let me play it to move everything I know how to fix this...
  16. Was great
    Bri L
    Was enjoying playing this game very much until I got to level 79. The game board loads and then the lighting dims. There is no countdown timer and it will not allow me to interact with the board at all. I tried to uninstall and reinstall but still the same. I am able to play 78 again without difficulty. I haven't tried it in my PC yet but it definitely doesn't work on my phone.
  17. It's a good game but...
    Nina Warren
    To advance to the next Country you need either a Facebook account or you have to pay with real cash to advance. C'mon developers - not everyone is on Facebook! Let us advance in other ways.
  18. Carmen Neris
    It's a good game but it freezes. I'm on level five every time I pass a level it freezes and it also takes awhile to load . Uninstalling
  19. No customer service
    Gina Urso
    I purchased extra moves and the keys to open the next level. They took my money and got nothing on the game. Contacted customer service and still waiting for a solution for over a week.
  20. Wicked
    Shirley Quinn
    I really did like this game but I deleted it because the app kept closing on me when I was trying to start the game. I also paid for extra moves and never got them. Fix it Please!!!


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•New Levels 176 to 206 (31 total)
•Weekly Challenge
•Highlight Different Game Modes
•Change interstitial to level 6 (iOS)
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