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  1. Fun game and great response from the service team!
    I have been having a lot of fun with the game and had turned on notifications. Those became tiresome and I couldn't figure out how to get them to stop them. The support team handled this quickly and I could get back into the fun of the game. This is one of my favorites!!! Thank you so much!!
  2. Fun game
    I'm wasting all sorts of time on this game. Loads of fun but wish it could be played in rotate screen mode.
  3. Matchland
    This is a cute little game. I would live to play more of the same.
  4. Fun game
    Game is fun and challenges your mind.
  5. Fun game
    Fun game to play. I am addicted. I wish you'd put a verification question on spending Rubies to buy more moves or time. I've accidentally hit the wrong place on the screen a couple of times wasting the Rubies I was saving for other things. I really do like the game though.
  6. Matchland quest
    Hard to stop playing. Fun to play.
  7. Matchland
    I just started playing. I love the game. Much more challenging than a lot of other match-3 games. Love the graphics.
  8. Great game
    Game is very addictive most adorable graphics like the music
  9. Wonderfully challenging!
    I love this game, it's a fresh concept for a traditional match-3 game! I really enjoy that each building can be played several different ways. I don't really know what the gold coins are for? Also, it would be nice to have the option to complete a short task to earn rubies or potions! Is there a frequently asked questions page?
  10. Awesome game
    I never grow tired of this game to go play another one.
  11. Omg
    I was hooked from the first screen. Fun and a little different from other match threes. Love it so far!
  12. Too hard
    Way too many shuffles and way too many fails with only one square left. In other words way tooooo hard. Don't waste buying anything. Update: you can only take it so much of failed quests with only one square left. Way toooo many of those, do DELETED.
  13. 72Rae
    Great game, challenging and interesting. The timed matches are exasperating. Far to many tiles become frozen, there is to little time, and many times the tiles swap just as I am about to make a match. There is to much resemblance between the dark tiles, maybe shapes that are easier for the eye to differentiate. And last but not least, when there is no more progress to be made without "buying" items, I will delete this app, and be sorry to see it go. Rae Lol, I just received a response concerning "buying", I was told that I should consider it as "tipping". Goodbye
  14. Match land
    It is a great way to pass the time I really enjoy playing the game!
  15. Fun
    Amusing and entertaining with a slightly different twist from other match 3 style games
  16. Great
    Really great game to play and easy
  17. Very interesting
    Iplay lot of3 match games but none like this very interesting with lot things to do any age can play it not that hard love it always something new in the game
  18. Love it
    Something new and fresh in the matching game . Can't stop playing
  19. Vixen
    Cool game but froze on me twice
  20. Match land
    Just started game seems like it is going to be fun. To play with challenges!✌️


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