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    I have been playing Pou since 2013 and I love it! So many activities that you can do and if it’s day in real life it’s day in the game! I love this game because it’s awesome and It should be famous
    I love this app the only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because I can’t get the app to let me listen to my music while I use the app.
    This app changed my life. I used to be on a long road of squirrel addiction. I had so many of them. Once I got this game I no longer had time to collect them. Now all the extra squirrels I have I just eat for their jerky meat. Maybe some day I’ll go back to collecting.....
  4. Confused
    Why is this on top paid when i got it for free
  5. Love it
    I love this game. You should play this and put 5 stars.And I love my pow lol play it people yes make more games like this plz
  6. LOVE IT!
    This game has been so much fun!! A lot more fun than that boo game anyways I was thinking and I was wondering if they could add pajamas. Anyways great game!❤️
  7. Do not make pou fart while eating
    This little boy was disgusted and confused on how pou made a fart sounds when he ate.Please fix this so this little boy will stop being so annoying
  8. Something that used to happen
    I love pou I really do. But, something weird happened when I was playing pou. One time I was playing pou on my iPad ( I’m on my iPhone). I had pou’s following me/ Friending me, had a few coins, etc. Then I put my pou to sleep cause she was very tired so, I let her sleep while I went to another game I had. I came back to check on pou. And It showed pou but, it wasn’t my pou! It was a baby one ( mine was an adult). It was the new player pou thing and it showed the welcome massage. I eventually got my pou back. Was this a bug or something?
  9. Amazing! But I have a few suggestions
    I love the app! I’ve been playing for years and I can sure say it’s definitely a quality app . However I do have a few suggestions so here I go... 1.more mini games that interact with friends! 2.more mini games in general ! 3. Being able to give friends gifts, I think that would be great! interact with friends (within reasoning ) Thank you so much for listening to my ideas! I hope you may consider them!
    This game is so freakin smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely that when my dog sees it he turns into a vomit rocket and goes to space and he explodes and he was worth 10000000000000 dollars thanks poo you owe me that much
  11. There’s some issues...
    It’s a good game but I have some problems with the game. I am playing in the day but it’s dark outside! Second reason I can’t play with my friends a pop up is saying I have no internet but I tried everything resetting WiFi, turning it on and off and I tried closing out the page and going back. Last issue! I can’t buy anything either... why does it say I don’t have enough money?!? I have 1834 coins and it’s not budging... someone help!
  12. Not so good but adorable
    It’s not that I don’t hate this but I have boo and it’s not really that good ,sure I love the graphics but really I am stuck on YouTube all day so I don’t have time for it. So I am in the middle.
  13. Very fun I love it!!! ❤️
    I love this app it's so fun! I would so recommend this to my family and friends!!
  14. Need new games
    Need new games & acessories! New foods and etc, but i love this game!
  15. I love it!! ❤️❤️❤️
    This game is so cute and very fun to play!! I love taking care of him!! For some reason he doesn’t like the cherries.
  16. Where is the new food update
    I give it a 5 regardless because it’s fun, addictive and cute. Please fix the bug so I my pou can get new food. She tired of eating the same foods. :) .
  17. Crashes
    So when I go to mic it crashes. I try to open it and close it,it didn't work! So I have to give it 4 sorry.. :(
  18. Would be better with music
    I would give this app 5 stars if I was able to listen to my music while playing this game.
  19. Love the game but....
    There is a huge glitch, Ive tried to delete and re install the app but the glitch wont leave. I cant go into the hall everytime i do, the game crashes and restarts and erased all my progress. Its super annoying but I love the game. Please fix this glitch!!
  20. Love the app but Needs an update
    The app is awesome but it keeps crashing on the bedroom background Just before you hit bedroom boom crashes


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