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  1. I thought it would have editor
    It's too short I beat it in two days, so it shouldn't be 4.99 it should be about 1.99
    Please I Really Want The Editor PLEASE ADD IT
  3. AWESOME GAME...But I wish there were more levels
    I love this game it's soo good and really fun but I just wish there were more levels. The game just needs more levels to play because you complete the world soo fast. But I'm a related note this is a really fun puzzle game for anyone! It was totally worth the 5 dollars!
  4. Please add editor
    The game itself is ok but please add editor it makes the game 100X more fun
  5. ok
    it starts to get boring after you finish the game
  6. Great Game, but
    I'll give 5 star when you add the editor
  7. REFUND !
    I bought some avatars then I deleted the game and got it back and I didn't have them I WANT A REFUND ! AND I LOST ALL MY PROGESS BAD ! I WASTED MONEY !
  8. No editor
    In the computer version there was a editor in which you could make anything you wanted and make deadpool, hulk and millions of other things but in the phone version that isn't there, I'm not blaming the creators or anything but I just want them to add it in
  9. It's a 5 star, but a bug isn't a problem
    I always have 8/9 shards on the restaurant level. But there is no remaining shard is it a bug or a glitch?
  10. Great game! But...
    This is amazing! Theres no ads, theres so many things you can do! But one reason i got this is the object editor.. Can you pleeeeease add it? I dont have this on a computer or anything else! Please add the object editor! I really want it ;-;
  11. Editor plus president
    It's still Obama so where's trump? Are you guys that lazy? Plus needs editor for a 5 star rating
  12. Game is epic one bug I hate
    So I'm at the Hospital level and at the end of adjective to get starite it says ally has died and none of them plz fix Game is still awesome keep up the good work
  13. Great but no object editor and lag
    When I bought this game i was thinking it will be 40 frames per second but when I got it for some weird reason it was laggy and my iPad normally doesn't do that and also it has no object editor unlike the pc version.
  14. A glitch maybe
    I love the game but something is wrong Do npc's usually follow you everywhere I go they just follow me I'm at the end of the game so maybe that's why idk.
  15. Question. Add this in the next update
    Add weapons for terraria plz like flairon and customizable stuff like characters PLZ ADD ALL THE THINGS I SAY
  16. Object editor
    Please add the object editor where you can create your own objects!
  17. Great Time Killer
    This game is addictive and fun. I was bored at the airport and played this game and i got hooked up right away. Nice time killer game especially if you like to travel.
  18. Epic
    Can you please add a Baja bug I love them and wish they were in the game
  19. It has Devils in it
    It has Devils in it if you play it and you tipe in devil it will crate a devil!
  20. One problem
    The game would be worth it but it does not have the option to edit which is the best part so not really worth it but if it did worth it


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