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  1. Great game
    This is a great game, I just hope they update with a bigger aspect ratio for the game screen. This would be mice for those of us who have iPhone X.
  2. Great game but...
    When are you guys gonna up the cap on attribute points? Everything else is great but got millions of xp to use and everything is capped at 140. Please update this as this is the best boxing game you guys have. The other ones don’t even come close.
  3. Bad
    There’s too many ads in the game and the game should be more realistic
  4. Great for Rocky addicts
    The graphics make you feel like you’re watching a Rocky movie. A great way to enjoy it for those Rocky addicts such as myself
  5. Game is too easy
    The online opponents from around the world are fake! It’s just the computer. It’s too easy.
  6. It’s has a bug
    I am giving it four stars though I want to give it five because you have a bug to fix.And until you fix you will have four stars.So there is a big on offline mode where I start play and it crashes all the time and it does not stop so plz fix and I will give you youre stars
  7. Great game
    I play this game everyday is a awesome game but it keeps crashing everytime it seaches for opponents on iphone 8 plus.
  8. Wow
    How can I get my old account after deleting the app
  9. Best game ever but needs some fixes
    First, I love this game, but I have some kind of Criningey news. I want you to take out the blood and can there be needles instead? At her than that, Best game EVER!!!!!!
  10. OMG!!!
    Let this be one of the best games ever...great moves combos
    I love this game I love rocky but I wish I had more money on it why not give us money for no reason daily rewards with like 700 diamonds and 70000 coins the game is to hard for me✌
  12. Real boxing two rocky
    Like the new game it is very fun
  13. Rate
    Pretty cool but three and out time limit is boring! I’m not one to spend cash on games but I see a lot of people that do. So I’m going total Rocky mode and get my lumps and do it naturally
  14. I’d love to give a 5 star but
    Disorientation is broken. There are numerous fights where you have to not be disoriented which sounds easy enough and it would be if it wasn’t for the fact focus punches disorientate you even if you block them. On the easier levels it isn’t difficult to knock an opponent out before they can get the focus punch but later on it becomes frustratingly challenging and dampens my mood on the game in its entirety.
  15. Good not Great
    Good minigames, good story mode, just would have liked the actual boxing to a little less Street Fightery.
  16. Great game! Too many ads
    The game is fun to play. There are entirely too many ads. Now the ads won’t close and I have to restart the game! Makes it really hard to play the game. Annoying!!!
  17. Doesn't Work
    Every time I try to change my gear it freezes and I have to restart the app. Also it won't let me do a battle because it freezes before that too. Without these issues for me it would be a five star rating. Please Help!
  18. Savage
    This game is great and I just got in a fight and this game just helped me win
  19. Great game.
    I lov this game, I hope you do some more updates to this game. I played the first one. It was good. But this when was the best one. But online is buggy, when I try to punch it has this delay. But I hope you fix this
  20. Don’t waist time
    It’s a cool set up but the match algorithms are complete BS. This game will get you invested enough to come back and play a second or third day. However, the online matches are extremely misbalanced, the in match boosts have no effect, and take forever to load regardless of the internet connection. Don’t waist your money or time.


What`s new

Lace your shoes, put on your gloves and get in the ring - it’s time for a new update. Our technicians have been working behind the scenes to make your fights even better, improving frame rate and iPhone X (and above) compatibility. Your punches are now so smooth that you’ll be knocking your opponent out before you even think of punching. Almost.