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  1. Very fun!
    I love this game and have been playing for years, please update it to ios 11!
  2. iOS 11
  3. Love this game but doesn’t work on iOS 11!
    I LOVE this game- it’s so addicting, obnoxious, and fun! But I’m so sad to report it doesn’t work on iOS 11! Would you consider updating it? I’d gladly pay for it again!
  4. Needs an update!!!
    Would love to play this now, but cant downlod on ios11 please update!
    I loved this game but can’t play it anymore due to IOS11
  6. Doesn’t work with iOS 11
    Needs to be updated to work with iOS 11!!!!!!!
  7. Needs to be fixed
    Not working with IOS 11 new version of apple need to update so it can work
  8. Update issueeeeee
    Please update to work on iOS 11. I’m so sad I haven’t been able to play my favorite game for months!
  9. Update the app
    Hey I have an IPhone 7 Plus but the app wasn’t updated since more than 3 years ago I bought the app a year ago but upgraded to a new phone. You should consider updating the app so people with more modern iPhones can play it. I love the game btw for the time i played it just needs to be updated that’s all.
  10. Needs Update
    App will not start. Needs update to work with iOS 11. Great game please update.
  11. Addicting fun and amazing!!!!❤️❤️❤️
    Oh my god this game is amazing it is so fun and addicting it's free and really fun you should really get it there's no lags no adds and very fun get it and super funny too!
  12. Where’s the update!
    I love this game it ,makes times fly ,but ever since the update happen I haven’t been able to play it and it’s driving me insane , so WHERE IS THE UPDATE!?!?
  13. Not working
    I’m addicted to this game I totally love it but I can’t open it because it’s not updated
  14. Love it
    you should make it compatible for ios 11
  15. 5 star but....
    i just got ios 11 on my ipad and it says you guys need to update the app to be compatible. can you update sometime soon
  16. iOS 11 compatibility?
    This game is great but unfortunately can’t be played on iOS 11. Very fun and addictingg
  17. Ridiculously fun
    Like holding a Vegas casino in your hand.
  18. Amazing but broken
    For over a year now, the sound doesn't work and for over 3 years the game hasn't received any updates Hope that gets some attention sometime soon ...
  19. It's awesome
    I like the game it's just that every time I log in it crashes and I have to close the app 3 times before I can get in please fix and I will rate 5 stars
    Really fun and super addictive! Just wish I could listen to my music while playing


What`s new

- Fixes menu text for Japanese players
- Additional bug fixes