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  1. Neat app
    Frustrated initially because needed troubleshooting and FAQ page for Toca doesn't exist anymore. But they were super responsive by email and helped me fix my problem. My daughter loves this - and the other - Toca apps!
  2. I guess it's ok plz read <3
    ITS BORING I'll give it 5 stars ✨ bc it's boring!
  3. Names
    Please put in real names it's to hard for my brother to learn and he is mad
  4. Fun but flaw(pleas read befor paying )
    I bout the app for my birthday and a day after I finished and now there's nothing I can do except look at them wast of money and time!!!!!!
  5. Yay
    Even not being free the game is worth it I play it mostly with no internet or storms it is calming and a simple or complex challenge I'm 11 but age doesn't effect my love for a game
  6. Bug
    There a bug when all of your data gets deleted even when you didn't delete the app so please fix this
  7. Idek
    It's definitely educational but I think it's kinda boring after a little. I mean, this game for for like 6-8 I guess. I may be 13 but that's not the point. It's not the best toca boca app but it's definitely not the the worst *cough cough* toca house *cough cough*
  8. Almost perfect
    Please make it so I can see the real names of the chemicals or whatever they are lol not just abbreviations other than that it is great thank you for a great game but please make toca lab plants free I think everyone agrees
  9. 3/5 stars
    I gave this rate 3/5 stars because Toca Boca just made Toca lab: plants but of course I waited and ili saw that it wasn't free I GOT so MAD It even made me get into trouble for not BEHAVING because I pleased my parents and they say no so I asked again and I got in trouble, I had to go to bed early! Now here's the good part of this version: You made it free for a little while and I was able to play it and still have the app because I truly loved it. So those are my thoughts about the Toca lab series and about Toca lab: elements
  10. Why do you do whatever your customers want you to not do?
    Ok don't get worried toca boca I still love you but like ALL of your customers wanted you to make toca lab plants free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM MAD !
  11. It's great!
    I'm so happy it's free. I think it's and awesome app for kids to learn and memorize the periodic table. There's just 1 minor issue, that can be fixed. There's a clipboard at the bottom of the screen. I think that kids should be able to drag the clipboard up and it could tell the full name of the element and describe it. It may be confusing to younger children but for older children I think it could help a lot. Please add this minor detail Toca! Again, I love all of your games.
  12. Good but
    I'm only giving it three because every two times I clear it I have too start over. Great game! Please fix.
  13. So happy it's free!
    Hey Toca boca, I know you might not read this but if you do, then hey! I love all your games and when I'm bored or sad I play your games because they cheer me up. I'm about to turn 9 in 9 days and my early birthday wish was to make one of your games free, it looks like my dream/wish came true. I can't believe how much effort you put in just one kids game, and I appreciate that! I also can't wait for Toca lab: plants! This was written really quick which surprised me. I hope your company lasts for 100 years and I hope you never stop making amazing games for us kids.
  14. Good but...
    I paid for this game when it costed money and now you're telling me that it's free?!
  15. Love it
    I really think you should have this game.
  16. Toca lab elements
    I can't wait for toca lab plants. Kaitlyn smith
  17. Worst app ever
    All you have are just six stations and I really thought that it was actually gonna be experimental but the elements make sounds and since when did that happen ? They really need to improve their apps
  18. Fun!
    I don't get why people hate the elements. When you click on them they say the letters in their name like for example : sv it makes a sound like sss sss sssv. I don't understand how people don't see that...
  19. Why
    This game gone by quick it's to easy give it a challenge but I think it's great to learn about science. So 3 out of 5 stars
  20. 6-8
    Ok i'm 11 but I love these games stop telling age.


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