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  1. Sun star y can't it be more fun
    This is not fun but I'm will play it
  2. This game is good
    This game is fun I love it :)
  3. Lets you play one time and makes you pay! Rip off!!
    RIP OFF ALERT: Being advertised as a free game, then making you pay right after you play one level when you open it! Deleted right away, not getting a penny from me. So disappointing for kids
  4. it's takes a long time to load
    Omg you are so much crazy please fix this bugs or else u have a baddest game i Eva seen now fix it you bit!!!
  5. Bad
    Weird won't let you do stuff have to pay and loading for a long time
  6. Fun
    I like it it fun and interesting
  7. Fun for short
    This game is very creative But I see no purpose of playing when you have to pay money to unlock the fun stuff. Other apps had no purchases that were big stuff so for once will I tell you this...will you please create a good purpose of playing because I know my kids did not like it.Well here is my opinion and from looking at others I think they would agree.


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