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  1. Won't stream to my Apple TV??!!!??
    There's always a problem with this app. Mostly that it won't airplay to my Apple TV which is an older one, but all the other apps airplay to it. Get it together Sundance app, you're in charge of showing films & shows that thousands of people have worked very hard on for countless hours and at great cost. The fact that you can't make sure your app works properly to showcase this work is pathetic.
  2. Remember where you left off
    The app doesn’t remember where you stopped a show which means you have to make note of the time code. How this app got released into the wild with such an enormous bug is beyond me.
  3. Great content on a terrible app
    So basically keep a notepad of what you were watching and what you like because there isn't a history function, or a saved shows, it doesn't transfer between devices so what you watched on one device on your account zeros out on another device. But it zeros out on the device you watched it on anyway. Really great shows, you just have to manage it on a notepad to keep track. A for content, D for app
  4. Fix this app
    Updated review: With the new update to this app all problems have been fixed. Crashing doesn’t happen and I can finally turn off closed captioning! Thanks and now it’s well worth downloading!
  5. App is awful
    Would have been willing to continue but cancelled after it doesn’t save your spot if you exit. If you break you cannot resume. You have to start the whole show again. Not worth it when there are hours long movies. Too much effort to try to find my spot or keep a log.
  6. Does not save place
    I enjoy the show selections, but crazy that it does not remember what episodes you have watched or where you left off watching a program. It always starts at the beginning when you go back to finish a show. Please fix asap. Thanks.
  7. Worst amateur app ever
    This doesn’t work — at all! Get it together
  8. No closed captioning, FF or RW
    Not an option for subtitles and there’s no skip ahead or skip back button. Seems to be an ok selection but I won’t be paying the $6.99/mo. after the free trial is up.
  9. App won't work
    Could only get to step two of three, the step where you hit the button to start free trial and nothing. Downloaded the app on a different device and still nothing. It just wouldn't active the free trial, so couldn't watch anything. I was looking forward to watching a couple shows they advertise, but I suppose that isn't going to happen. Disappointing.
  10. Terrible app/company
    The option to cancel this is not available. These low life spineless self serving folks that run this app intentionally make it difficult to cancel the subscription just to get your money.
  11. Meh
    Not a very user friendly app- and honestly, that's the least of my complaints.... the selection of series docs and films are extremely lacking. It's a great price point $3.99 a month after a weeks trial, but I honestly don't even think I can justify spending the measly 4 bucks. I open the app often and find nothing that really peaks my interest. It's just boring to be honest and really disappointing because I used to love Sundance before I gave up my cable subscription. Now I just don't care anymore
  12. No problems (as of yet)
    Haven't had any issues and it's easy to use, especially with the menu.
  13. Please
    Please take is app off my Purchase list
  14. Worst channel ever
    I have never had this much trouble with a channel. When I try to play an episode, it goes back to the home screen of the channel. Don't spend your money on this!
  15. Won't stop buffering
    I've been trying to watch The Staircase for 3 days but it keeps freezing or buffering (I am Chromecasting) and there is nothing wrong with my internet or router or connection. All my other streaming apps work perfectly fine when Chromecasting so this has to be a problem with the app! Very disappointing...I'll never finish The Staircase now
  16. I hate this ap
    I paid for a one year subscription, but when I want to watch a movie the ap keeps wanting me to buy another subscription. I will say it worked flawlessly during the trial period. It was only after the trial that things fell apart.
  17. Review
    Low's so early to rate I've been abroad just a week. So far I'm disappointed but we'll see. I dislike foreign language films. I dislike foreign language films without English subtitles.
  18. iOS app does NOT work
    I tried it on my TV using Chrome Cast, first from my iPhone and then from my iPad mini and the app keeps crashing. Completely useless.
  19. Does not work with Chromecast :(
    App crashes as soon as I attempt to cast to Chromecast, now known as Google Home from Apple iOS devices. I updated, reinstalled app and iOS is up to date. Tested from 2 different iPads and 2 iPhones; iPad Air, iPad 2, 6 plus and 7 plus...same result. Please fix your app asap. This is proof that your app is not working as needed for a good end user experience.
  20. Great selection
    So far I'm enjoying the app and the subscription to Sundance Now. I'm loving the options, especially the documentaries.


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