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  1. Not happy!
    Loved this game but they never update it and I've been trying for over a week to get into the game and it just sits there and says connecting but never connects. Very frustrating. Going to delete the game.
  2. Don’t play
    There seems to be no more support for this game. No new levels, the game doesn’t fit the screen on my iPad anymore. Used to be a challenging game but not any more
  3. Does not work on iPad Pro
    Have not been able to play game on the iPad, the only thing that happen when I open the app is a black screen. Like game but not able to play.
  4. Trouble
    This game is addictive but it is giving trouble. Pleases fix it ASAP. I can’t play it on my iPad please help.
  5. Don not like that NOW you MUST be connected to Internet!
    Do not know what happened with the last up-date but the game most of the time wants to open vertically and not horizontally! It will not change orientation to horizontal! The screen is too small to be able to play or get the daily spin! PLEASE fix this problem! FRUSTRATING!
  6. Went from great game to Lousy Game
    I'm still waiting for more islands. Last review I made was in September. What's up???? Ok now I'm waiting for you guys to update. Shouldn't have to wait for new islands to appear. It's been over a week now. I still say that we should be able to use our coins as well to advance. You people are slacking!
  7. No longer works with 11.0.3
    Game no longer works with Apple’s latest software update
  8. New levels needed
    There haven't been new levels in over a year. What happened?
  9. I love it!!!
    It makes me relax when stressed, that is to say
  10. No tech support
    I recently upgraded the IOS on my IPAD air and ever since, the game will not load in landscape. It only loads upside down in portrait mode and only 3/4 of the screen is visible. There is 1/4 of the game screen cut off! I have deleted and reloaded the game, resent the IPad several times and there is no FIX. Game is unplayable on the IPad. Please FIX!
  11. Lazy
    About two months ago I completed all the Islands in the game and have been waiting to go to the Island that is supposedly coming soon. Here I sit still waiting for the Island that is clearly not coming soon. If they plan to not develop any more levels, please just say so and I will stop checking for any other levels.
  12. Lame.
    All of my progress was lost after update. One star.
  13. I lost all my data
    Just logged onto the game and all my data was gone. I've played this for a long time and now you expect me to start all over again on Level 1? I just deleted the game.
  14. App won't open
    It's been 2 months already and I'm unable to open the app-all it does is buffer. Please help with this...So frustrated-tempted to delete app.
  15. Hi
    I love this game so much different characters it's really amazing awesome cool entirely different challenges I'll recommend this app/game to my family and friends
  16. Fun
    It's addictive and can be very challenging
  17. Won't work
    I just got the new iPad and it won't work now. Stays a black screen.
  18. Player
    Can't get the pandas. Been playing for years. No fun
  19. Needs some issues fixed
    Doesn't give enough points to play higher rounds more than once a day.... and the spin for each day doesn't give points except first day points even if you go on everyday...
  20. Panda Jam not working
    Still won't load - Can't get a response from makers. Loved this game, but it won't load on my iPad Pro . Even after the latest update, it only loafs 1/4 of the page. The rest is black. Tried to contact them, but they require my facebook login just to get help


What`s new

Lets relax on the Garden!

Head to Garden island and check out the new fantastical levels!

-12 new levels brings the total to the amount of 398 levels!

Update now, the panda mama is waiting for your help!