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  1. Astro p
    I wish u. put more power ups
  2. Good game but add AI to it
    Man I can tell you how much I like this game.But I think the game will be much better if you add AI.If you are reading this I thank you and I hope you put AI on the next update
  3. Great game, awesome simplicity
    This game can be so addicting! There is only one slight pet peeve when I get confused on which button does what, but If you added labels, you’d fix that
  4. It is ok if you lose .
    You know you will always lose in games and you have to go back to level 1.But in Astor party you don’t.Even doh you lose always have the power to be happy.By Arjun.
  5. Great!
    I play this all the time on the bus with my friends, but trips in the car? Needs A.I mode.
  6. Astro Duel for the IPhone
    We need Astro Duel for the IPhone for a easy way for people that own the IPhone to finally have the but the game has to have small controls to make it more easier and call the game Astro Duel preview.
  7. Astro party
    It is the most amazing game I have ever played and I love it
    I love to play this game with everyone!!!!
  9. This game is crap
    The game is rigged and I'm never playing again screw you people who made this crappy app take a hike you scrubs who like this game
  10. It stinks!!!!
    The game is so boring and hard
  11. Limited gameplay( technically)
    The game should be both a multiplayer and single player game. I hate having to find someone to play with me when I go on road trips and everyone of my siblings is sleeping?
  12. Needs ai
    When I bought this game I thought I could go on it and play it by myself, but no! I have to get one of my friends to play and guess what? They always say no! The only reason why I am giving it two stars instead of one is because all of the other features are OK. But I have to sit alone shooting at standing targets. and I know what your thinking and no I am not paying five bucks just to have ai on a two star game. End of story!
  13. Game hasn't finished downloading
    No opinions of this game, mainly because I have yet to open it. Just thought the thing deserved at least one review from someone.
    I love astro party so much, but i wish they would add single player.
  15. I hate it
    I luv it I hate it I luv it I hate it n
  16. Great game
    This game is really fun to play with your friends.
  17. No Respect
    I have been telling people to play it and they make fun of me but it is truly a great game!
  18. Ye
    So funnnnnnn I played this with everyone and I it awesome love the game
  19. Great game
    Honestly great game. Better on iPad. Wish more people played it.
  20. More stuff
    There should be a new power up where its like the Reverse but the buttons are flipped. There should be more ships (or skins to unlock and you should be able to choose skins in the player adding screen).


What`s new

Added support for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.