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  1. Boring game
    Boringst game ever 1m done get boring super fast.And who needs tutorial and detections. To: The dumbos that made it
  2. GREAT!!
    This game is a ton of fun to play. I don't find it super challenging at all, just takes some practice. Easy 5 stars
  3. Solid
    Nice graphics, cool mission structure, and solid gameplay really make this one shine. I'm not even a fan of tap/dash up type games but this one is done well
  4. Awesome
    It's a really well thought out game and it's addictive which is in most cases good
  5. Worst app ever.
    You can't even avoid a monster, because you're moving in a zigzag, and there's no way to avoid it without a dumb homing missile! This is the stupidest app ever!
  6. Customize look of exo suit
    Fun game but it'd be much more enjoyable if you had something to work for... Like customizing the look. Getting different gear rather than upgrades.
  7. Almost impossible to play
    There's seriously no way you can play this
  8. Great game!
    Very fun! Can play casually, but also deep enough to play for a bit longer. Can play for free!
  9. Fun!
    I haven't found a game that was simply fun in a long time!
  10. Wow Great game
    Its amazing games i like it so much
  11. Too hard
    I quit after about 20 min. 1 too many enemies and things can kill you and there's already games like this that are better. I whould send 0 stars if I could
  12. Fun Indeed.
    The controls took a little time to get used to, but it's otherwise intuitive, looks great, and has sweet music. Kinda wish you could customize your suit more.
  13. Pretty good
    Honestly this game is pretty good, it helps with timing things :)
  14. Epic tho
    Pretty Cool could have better Story line
    But hey, the game turned out to be FRICKING AWESOME when I started to get a grip on the game and use the "Energy slot". What this game lacks, game developers, is a proper tutorial. Make tutorial missions and objectives which you have to pass first. When I first downloaded the game and finished tutorial, I couldn't play at all and were deciding to delete it. However, now once I got to understand its "mechanics" and how to use the "energy slot" I got from 50-100 meters to 500 meters in just 10 minutes. This game has potential, not to mention its visuals. Very addictive. 11/10
  16. Either the dumbest game ever or
    I'm playing it wrong. Or a glitch somewhere. Played for the first time. Died immediately. Played the second time. Lasted for 7 seconds. Third time. Just kept tapping the screen, over and over and over and over again. Every bad guy died. I suffered no damage and continued to get points. Gave up after 10 minutes and committed harikari. Dumb game.
  17. Simple enough for some fun
    Kids like it and I can say I enjoyed it myself but it just isn't a game for me. Aside from the fun factor, controls are easy and it isn't to hard to grasp. I say give it a whirl since it is free so no harm no foul
  18. Review
    Bad game gets boring quickly I deleted in less then a day
  19. Good game.
    Good game over all. Gets tough a little early on in the game, but I'm sure with some practice I'll beat the level.
  20. FUN
    I actually really enjoy this game TBH


What`s new

Dash Masters 1.3 update brings new levels and missions. We have also made other game improvements based on your feedback.