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  1. Fun but may be frustrating if you're new to match 3 games
    I think my earlier review was a little too harsh since this was the first match 3 type game I ever played. Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty decent. It may be frustrating for people new to match 3 games though in the beginning because until you get the hang of it, be prepared to have to spend money just to stay in the game for longer than 10 minutes at a time.
  2. Its fun
    I like the game but how much do you have to pay to advance to the next level?
  3. Fun
    It can be fun but hard at times but i still love it thx for creating this game also I am stuck on level 36 thing so I can’t get tickets. I am also stuck on level 34 for the rock thing so I can’t rocks. It would be easier do the level if we had more moves so plz add more moves. UPDATE: I finally passed level 34 ans 36 yay!
  4. Great game!
    Hey where’s the ads to get coins? I’ve been playing for awhile and somewhere in you’re “new” update the ads do not play on the billboard. What happened? Also, where’s my “daily” reward? I haven’t been getting either in a few weeks! Please fix!
  5. Family zoo
    I started this game and so far it’s boring
  6. Zoo
    I have tryed all day to report an issue with this game but it won't go thru. So since you replied to me here I had no choice. Every time I watch an ad I keep getting kicked completely out of the game, and I'm loosing the bonus. It's really frustrating plz fix this. Thx. Just An FYI since I've reported this I've been kicked out 5 time!!!! You owe me!!! Btw the number on the left hand corner is 1.18(63)by=384. Are you working on this? It is happening again and again and again????? I’m finally finished the ice skating rink. I have to agree with other comments. I don’t know of any zoo that has an ice skating rink but since we had to build one how about putting skaters there
  7. I like it but...
    I am completely stuck on lvl 42 Tickets. I can’t get it no matter what I do. I really need help with this one. Anybody else having this problem?
  8. Fun but needs work
    It is a very addicting game and I love that you don’t just go on to the next level but you create something I wish they had an option for you to pick which animals you want to do first or at least what continent type animals. Most of all I think you need to give more reward opportunities like +5 moves after watching an ad and extra lives more frequently. I have been playing this for about 6mo now have had a few glitches that the developers fixed as soon as I notified them, thank you ;) I still think that it needs more free boosters there have been some levels I have been stuck on for days and the only way around them is to spend that 300, Also to have some of the most endangered animals in the world on a gold buy status only instead of a level up animals is quite ridiculous!! Anybody/Everybody knows that Pandas and Elephants are two of the biggest attractions at any zoo I think you should have a certain amount of money that you are given every 24 hours for playing; not just the billboard every hour because there have been several times that the billboard does not play or give out without any reason. It has been almost a week and the billboard has worked sparatic if working at all and now it has stopped working all together
  9. Complaints
    I won level 20 but it didn’t give me the reward
  10. Easy game
    I like helping animals that’s what got me into getting this game the games inside the game is very easy but I’m here for the animals I got to level 23 in an hour
  11. Hmmmm.
    No rewards for posting level ups on Facebook: so it's just free advertising.
  12. Frustrating
    Some levels are almost impossible to win unless you spend money on boosters. I guess that is the whole idea though. Would be a great game but takes way too long to get anywhere.
  13. This game
    I really like the game but there is a lot of glitches I hate it and I hate that you have to wait to refil your lives I wish there could be hint or some type of help otherwise i think this game is super fun and good for when your board
  14. Issues with video watching for bonuses
    This is a fun app to play but lately when you watch video clips to earn a life, money, or power up it freezes at the end of the video and you don’t get a gift, and you need to restart the app as its a frozen white screen.
  15. Makes you spend $
    I’m about to delete this game because it never gives you enough time to finish a round and then you have to buy coins to keep playing! Earning coins by watching ads takes forever to get the coins you need!
  16. Fun
    I had thought I would get this for my 3 & 6 year old grandchildren to play. Who knew I would be playing it!
  17. Awesome
    I love this game but we have a couple issues 3 precise... 1. It makes us play levels for dumb things like gathering wood in one level then having to burn it the next. 2. Not enough decorating like way too much on the other things not enough on the main things! 3. Less story time , and you should make it so that we can make decisions on what we want to do next I think you should at least try this out and see if people like it in your next update please and thank you for your time ☺️.
  18. Not family friendly
    You market this as a family game. My daughter and I played until it got too hard. At level 15....I understand you have to make money but this game is a complete rip off. I really enjoy your games but it’s too hard and too expensive to continue. Very sad.
  19. Great at the beginning but...
    like most of these games, the idea is to start out fun and then make you pay to play. It gets to a point where the levels are no longer fun. The prices are also ridiculous, although you have “sales” Here’s a thought for the developers. Charge me 99 cents every 50 levels or so... Then we’re clear and you can stop losing potential clients hoping to find the one who will pay you the “big bucks” Deleting after playing for only a few days and having (gladly) paid 99 cents for one set of coins, but this option is no longer even available.
  20. Fun but....
    Fun and relaxing. Only problem I have is the cost when you want to continue a round without losing a “life”. I realize that this is to get you to purchase more coins but since I’m not a pay and play person, I would much rather pay for the game up front.


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