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  1. Love this app
    I was always addicted to tap tap trillionaire and when I saw that they made a new app I downloaded and I love it and I hope it has great success in the future
  2. Disappointed.
    The app was cute and all but I ran into some issues. I got a henchman named "Retardicus". The name made me very uncomfortable. Then the parody character Frank. The character he is parodied from (also named Frank) is not a villain by any means. He is a mentally ill man who stranger than others. He was not evil in the movie he was in. I am deleting the app because of these things.
    I love this game so much!! I love the new fighting addition and its a lot more fun than the original! I just think you guys should advertise so you can get more people to play this awesome game! EXTREMELY ADDICTING TOO! I can't stop playing
    Ok this a good game BUT it needs more decorations and more things to by.....the game would also need more features.......plz come up with a idea I REALLLYYY love this games but theres just some flaws to it.
  5. Feels incomplete
    I've reached the max level for a lot of things and nothing different has happened. Getting 1 trillion coins is nearly impossible due to the max coins per tap. I have emailed support about something and not gotten a response.
  6. Tap tap evil mastermind
    I love this game it's so fun and addicting
  7. This is awsome
    Did you know that the evil leader is acually the investor look at the hair and compare it to the regular investor Add: new bases
  8. The f*** up part2: Return of the s***
    The negative counter strikes back. The blueprints for the sh**** walker cost 200 qd per part which is extremely expensive for an item which is the lowest in its furniture category. The deals my investors offer me are horrible, even though I have more than 1,000 qd coins they keep coming with deals with return investments in the thousands or millions which look like their made to make you spend real money to progress. I am done with the false promises and updates which state that problems have been fixed when in reality it is false. To people in search of a fun indie clicker go away, because what could be one is ruined by bugs and horrible infrastructure gameplay wise. Instead of wasting your time with a game so broken, heed my words and don't download until the game is fixed. Which if given any indication by past updates will be in 2-4 years.
  9. Blueprints
    every thing was awesome up until the blueprints, I have no idea where I could get some and I need blueprints for the mission I'm on and I can't advance until I have some. please fix this bug soon
  10. Surprisingly Addictive!!
    Overall, a great clicker game. I'm happy that the glitches were fixed, but a new one has revealed itself. When I tried to buy some Phase Tokens, a message popped up stating, "Purchase Failed. Please try again later." Please fix this glitch.
  11. Awesome Game!
    This game is even better than Tap Tap Trillionaire! Could you guys make one were you work as a superhero
  12. Hard to stop playing
    You might think this is just some boring clicker game, but it's actually a very interactive detailed game that has a lot more to do in it. I definitely recommend getting this game it is very hard to put down. I think my favorite part is the black market and buying shares.
  13. Great/First Review Ever
    It's great try it out good way to start fresh on tap tap trillion site but be evil!
  14. Title
    Nothing new or innovative, just a re-skin of tap tap trillionaire
  15. Honest
    Main reason this game gets a 5 Star is they advertised the game honestly so keep on keeping on
  16. Love this!
    By far one of my favorite games to play !! Can spend so much time playing this
  17. Awesome and time consuming!
    Great game pixio. Continue the work and also is this based off metal gear solid? the starting base is the motherbase and silence seems like a spin-off of quite
  18. Fun game
    I can’t find where to buy chairs, it is not listed in the shop. Please fix this, thank you.
  19. Super fun
    This game is really something good and fun
  20. My thoughts
    Be nice if world domination was interactive and stuff.


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