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  1. ...
    This game is already so cute, I love it
  2. Great app
    I really liked the art and stories.
  3. Ok
    It's not like the story Alice but the character have the same name but still I like it
  4. All best people are crazy ☃
    I love the game. Alice in wonderland is my favorite fairy tale, and being able to play if with such a good graphics and story is outrageous. I love it ✨
  5. It’s fun!
    It’s very fun, but if you can’t pay because you have no money it can be quite the hassle.
  6. Good game
    I don’t like how shall we date has “story tickets” but this particular story has me engulfed in its tale. I enjoy this one particularly so, recommended.
  7. Addicted
    I am addicted to all the shall we date games. It is my guilt pleasure.
  8. Interesting story idea
    I love the animation and the character designs. The story line is very interesting as well.
  9. GREAT game
    I love this game so much it's very fun to play and really good romantic parts. It's even funny to meI love How there are side story's and easy check points. keep the good work up
  10. This one I like
    I love this game and how it never let go of my attention. The story line is fun and thrilling.
  11. Best ever
    I love this game! Ahh can’t stop playing !!
  12. Love it!
    Great story line and easy to use. Very fun.
  13. So cute
    I love this app and the story is so cute!
  14. Pretty decent free otome
    The story itself is fun, though there are a lot of translation errors that could be easily fixed by a decent proofer. It affects the quality of the story a bit- it would be more enjoyable if the story was smoother, but overall this is a better app than many others of the same type, and even the same company. Also the heroine is much more likable than in many others- she’s more assertive and has a stronger personality, and is generally more intelligent than the girl from wizardess heart+, for example. And there is a fairly large selection of characters to choose from, each with several different possible endings. Worth a try if you’re looking for a story ticket based free otome.
  15. Money and premium
    Like game but I kinda get mad that we need to get premium story but I still love it
  16. Easy to use Love this app!!
    It's so easy to use! I wish all the games where like this!! I love the daily missions to get lapis!! The stories are great too!
  17. Good but costs money
    I definitely enjoy the game. The graphics are great and I like that there is a lot to the story. But they keep you enticed and make you want to spend money to keep going. I would say that’s my only complaint. I don’t mine dropping a few dollars on a game but I’m worried the more I get into it the more I will have to spend to just see where it goes. I hope it doesn’t get too expensive. But the graphics are great and I love that it closely follows the story of Alice in Wonderland.
  18. So fun
    It is a fun and cute game. A nice and different take on Alice in Wonderland.
  19. Absolutely love it
    I love these types of games the stories are wonderful and addictive
  20. Loved this game!
    This game was very interesting to play and kept me coming back for it the next day. At the moment I have only played one character but I’m definitely going to try more!


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