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Reviews 35,271

    I play all the time but it's fun while the games actually make you think! The game keeps getting harder as you reach higher. Watch a video for a free life. Rad!
  2. Get rid of the pop up
    Fun game and enjoy. Since the last update the pop up on every game for more boosts to watch a video is overwhelmingly annoying! Get rid of it
  3. Ads!!
    New update forces you to click away repeat ad invitations each game. Pathetic. Am deleting game right now.
  4. Farm Heroes 2
    Fun game but wish there were bonuses. A lot of the levels can not be reached without buying items. As you may have guessed I am still playing
  5. Love this game!
    I love this game I play all the time. I've been playing it for years and never gets old.
  6. Love This Game
    I love to play this game to relax during stressful work days or other times of stress in life. Takes my mind to a fun place. Thanks for this wonderful game and distraction! Love it ❤️
  7. Takes Too Long
    The solutions are most likely timed, but the wait time is discouraging on this game. I discontinued the original Farm Heros for the same reason.
  8. So Much Fun!
    Love, Love, Love! Great graphics and fun levels. Not too easy and not too hard, but patience is a must!
  9. It is fun
    It is fun to play and very addictive
  10. Love it !
    Love this game but it needs more free stuff !
  11. Fav game
    I absolutely love this game! Im 33 years old and this game beats all games I've ever played to pass the time. : )
  12. Favorite game EVER!
    Fun game, challenging and love the new strategies the higher levels give. Thanks
  13. Fun
    Fun and challenging to play !! Play often
  14. Great !
    I love playing the game it's awesome
  15. Surprisingly fun;levels need explaining
    U buy boosters but can’t use them on some of the hard levels. Not fair. Seemed too easy at first. Gets more challenging as u play. Buy boosters when 1st offered or they’re TOO expensive.
  16. Super game
    I love this game. I play it for hours
  17. This game is the best of all games
    You should totally get this game this game is so addicting I'm in love with this game I just can't stop I love this game!!!
  18. Love the game.
    Love it but it's too hard sometimes and you have to use gold bars to advance
  19. Love it!
    Whenever I'm stuck somewhere for 3 or 4 mins I pull out this game. I've been playing it for months and still love it!
  20. Good Game
    I suggest lives being able to be purchased with coins. There should be an option to earn Gold Bars. Additionally, there should be another option to earn coins.


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Howdy, farmers! We’re bringing ya’ll a BRAND NEW update, filled with croptastic fun!

New to Farm Heroes Super Saga? It’s a farmtastic party that you don’t want to miss! Join now and flex those switchin' and matchin' skills!