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  1. Awful
    Says play 10 games to unlock new modes...played 10 it unlocked speed mode allowed me to play 1 game then made me go back to menu where it locked the new mode back up and tells me to play 10 more to unlock the 1 I just
  2. Confused
    I can't tell which 6 or 9. I have dislexia & I don't see the difference. Also I was wondering on colors phase8 that you can't use all wilds. Please help...
  3. Fun to play
    I got the free version yesterday and I've not had any issues at all. I'd not played this game before so I've really enjoyed learning something new. I found the instructions a bit confusing but got the hang of it after only 1 round. I just wish I could play head to head with a friend. Fun game.
  4. One huge glitch
    The game is nothing but glitches all the dice disappear and you can't do anything I like phase 10 but this is a very poor excuse of an app it's more like just a glitch like id spend money on the pay version if this doesn't even come close to working right
  5. Game
    The game is good BUT when you unlock all the phases, it locks back up then you have to start all over again.
  6. Please fix bugs!
    Love the game, but there are a TON of glitches!!
  7. Does not open
    I downloaded this app on my ipad but I could not find it. When I went back to download it again it had the option to 'open' which I tried to do but it would never open. What a waste of time!
  8. Does not work at all
    Never got to play a game. Looks like it would be fun, but it doesn't work at all.
  9. Has potential...
    This would be a good game if it wasn't so glitchy. During the picking of the dice a part on the top and bottom of the background kept blinking. I don't know if it was supposed to do that for affect or messed up. Then after a few rolls, the cup you shake ended up being half cut off and the shake meter was enlarged. Like I said it has potential but just needs to be fixed
  10. Not that great
    The developer has probably abandoned this game. The last update was June 2014!
  11. Crap
    Love phase 10 but more then once my wilds don't count and it says failed phase which isn't true. Plus like the other reviews this one chance at a new game is stupid


What`s new

Hey Phase 10 Dice fans! Here's what's in the latest update:

● Improved stability

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